Google Chromecast Audio making Music at Home Magical!

As a child like so many other kids I dreamed about what the technology of the future would hold. One of the things I dreamed about was smart houses that would know what we need and provide it. Of course there was a horror movie about such things and certainly learning new technology feels like a nightmare to some, but I learned that multi-room audio seamlessly synced through wi-fi is simple and easy and cheap to set up with Google Chromecast Audio! Hello to the future and another little taste of future smart homes, now, at my finger tips! If I sound like I am geeking out a bit, it is because I am!


Google Chromecast 2


Google Chromecast Audio

Best Buy – $35

Uses Wi-Fi to stream crystal clear hi-res sound to your old or new speakers!

Chromecast Audio giving you the same music you love in every room you want!

In my family, with 5 kids, one of the things that is certain in our lives is that the house will need picking up everyday. Some days are worse than others of course. One thing that helps us all push through and get it done is working together and trying to make it fun with music. Being a military family who moves often, sometimes our house is huge, sometimes it is small. Up until now though, we had to depend bluetooth speakers for music in more than one room, and they never sync right and are a pain to set up and only portable speakers work with it and they tend to be small and even with a small house it is never enough sound. There is always a child in a room some place in the house complaining they can’t hear the music! Google Chromecast solved this problem in a fantastic way that I think is a bit eco-friendly even. While people are just junking their old speakers these days, Chromecast Audio saves them!

What’s Included

  • Chromecast Audio
  • 3.5mm analog stereo patch cable
  • Power cable, power adapter
  • Owner’s manual

So with the analog stereo cable you can hook this little light weight and simple to use device to your old or new speaker, then plug the device into the wall (it has a 6 foot long cable making this not a bother) and you can bring new life into your old speakers. Of course this works with the new speakers as well using the auxiliary input.

Google Chromecast 1


 Google Chromecast Audio making home audio magical!

So once you plug the Chromecast device into all the speakers in your home that you wish you can make the magic! Using your cell phone, a tablet, or computer, you can stream what ever music you love. Wirelessly stream millions of songs, radio stations and podcasts from your favorite apps like Pandora, iHeartRadio, NPR, Spotify and Google Play Music and more! Compatible with Apple and Android!

So now I can have dancing little happy kids cleaning as a family in all the rooms they are in! I didn’t have to buy a costly sound system, we used the speakers we have already. Remember though, you need one chromecast unit per speaker, per room! You can hook them up to a portable speaker though and move it room to room if needed!



As always, I am thankful to best buy for helping bring me and my family into the technology future! 


The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

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