4 DIY Eco-Friendly Remodeling Ideas with the Right Tools

Remodeling your house or some old furniture can be a good DIY project. You can make it look new, and doing it on your own is a good way to save money. It would also hone your skills as a craftsman. Who knows, maybe you can earn some profit from it in the future.


DIY remodeling can help in adding that extravagant look for your home; it can be the complete remodeling of your garden or your house interiors.


Using eco-friendly tools and accessories is also deemed cheaper than other equipment. Not only can you contribute to the environment, but you can also save money when you choose to do eco-friendly refurbishing.


4 Important DIY Eco-friendly Remodeling Ideas for Your Home


  1. Invest in the right tools for your DIY projects. Always remember that the first step on starting on DIY projects is acquiring the right tools.


If you’re into DIY wood projects, the first one on your must-have list is a sander. If you have a little money to spare, you might want to invest on a belt sander for bigger DIY wood projects.


  1. Wood furniture can last for a very long time, though it can have some minor damage that an easy repair can do, its much better if you do the repairing, yourself.


Try to check some tips on how to repair or refurbish old furniture. So instead of throwing them away, put those skills to some good use and start contributing to the environment by minimizing trash.


With recycling, try to have paint buckets and paint brushes for there’s a huge chance that you will need them. Also, keep a sandpaper at bay just in case you don’t have any power sanding tools. This is for smoothing rough surfaces and get rid of splinters.


  1. If you have a wide lawn or even a small one, consider planting plants or putting some flowers to your home. Flowers or plants are a perfect decoration that suits every home. Whether you live in the suburbs or in a tiny flat, you can never go wrong in putting plants a part of your remodeling plans.


Plants can also make the air inside your home fresher and cleaner and lessen the indoor air pollution. You can also check some tips on how to keep your flowers/plants fresh to extend their life.


For this garden project, keep a pot, gloves, shovel if its for a big lawn, fertilizer and some soil. Follow some guidelines on gardening and what to plant that suits your house and environment.


  1. If you have been using potable water from the water system, you might consider installing a water filtration system for your whole home, especially if you’re living in the city where the population is rising in an alarming phase. With the demand for a clean water rising, there might be a time where the supply of potable water isn’t enough anymore.


So it is better to be prepared. Installing water filtration will protect you from possible water contamination. It is also an eco-friendly set-up since no chemicals are involved in the installation process and the safest potable water for your family.


For installation, you need plumbing tools such as wrenches and pipe cutters. It is also important to have the tools ready as these tools will also work well with your other DIY remodeling projects.




For an extreme eco-friendly remodeling of your home, consider installing solar panels for some of your electricity. It would help lower the load of your power consumption, and you’ll be able to help reduce the electricity demand in your community.


Solar energy has been one of the eco-friendliest renovation tips you can do as it gathers energy from the sun and turns it into electricity. The installation process can be tricky but doable by just having the right tool.


Wrap Up:


It is not too late to switch to a healthier, eco-friendly type of living. Remodeling your home into something that would boost your health and allows you to save money is something to project for in your home plans.


These tips might sound complicated at first, but you’ll realize that everything will be easy so long as you have the right tools at hand.


Author Bio: Anthony is a Home Improvement DIYer, who is interested in different projects of Home Improvement. He blogs at Equipment Area, where he shares tips, guides and reviews of different tools around the house.


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