Webinar Review

    I adore doing reviews and telling friends and family and readers and social media followers about the items and places my family discovers. I am really great at sharing information in reviews and love seeing others benefit from it. It takes a lot of work though and time, and sometimes a lot of time away from my loved ones. As a military family on a single solid income I like to also try to make ends meet better. One of the ways I do try to do that is to promote the things I love and that sometimes gives me a small affiliate commission or discount on the things I already buy my children.  While I am great at reviewing on my blog, social media, amazon and other sites, I am bad at selling. It just isn’t in me. Perhaps it is a skill I wondered.

  So when I saw a facebook sponsored ad (I should have known right there) from the Savvy Network Marketing Women facebook page about using “Magic Words” to help with marketing I was interested! They offered a free 75 minute “Webinar” and gave three dates to go live and participate. It promised you can also ask questions. So I picked one of the three times that worked for me living on the East Coast that was a few days later. As I had given them my e-mail address and name, as expected, they e-mailed me details and even a cool little worksheet to fill out before and some during the webinar. This was interesting to me and I liked that.

 So I carved these 75 minutes out even though they did take time from the kids, and did actually take up 30 minutes of my prime “work” time for social media. I figured it would be worth it.

  In my opinion the Magic Words class from is NOT worth the time!

So why do I feel like the was a waist of my time? Because a great deal of it was just about selling me a much longer class for over $300. Now you are wondering, well of course you expecting a class/webinar that is free to be selling you something right? I did. I didn’t think though that there would be so much time spent selling.

It was like the worst timeshare presentation ever! I spent the full 75 minutes watching the “webinar” because it promised to answer questions and I had some, and I was betting the other people in the class did too and I was really interested in their questions specially. IF was going to spend the money on the full class, I wanted to see how great the presenter was at answering questions.

This is where the company lost me. isn’t a real webinar!

A webinar is a live event. This class is not that. One of the ways I could tell was because when about half way they asked for questions the questions where very generic. They clearly were meant to “feel” interactive but it was clear they were fake. My questions certainly didn’t get answered. What was specially odd though was the questions from “so and so” where not even listed in the class. My name was though, a few times. So I thought the list for those in the webinar was legit. I was wrong.

I wasn’t putting all the pieces together just then though. I got distracted by this feeling like I was watching a 75 minute infomercial. I waited the whole time though in hopes I was wrong, and could ask a question or hear some really great ones. What a terrible disappointment.

All the questions were about the paid for class and all geared to promote it. The presenter would say “Paul asks….” and it would be about the class she was selling. Again, most of the people asking questions where not even in the webinar. Of course none of my questions where asked, nor any interesting ones about the content of the presentation beyond questions about the paid class. It was incredibly aggravating.

So what did I gain beyond aggravation? A different way to share products I think people might be interested in. Maybe. I would share those tips here but I don’t want to get into trouble with copy right. I will say that at the end of the webinar they tell you the link to a worksheet that summarizes the “free” info. You can get that here:  and hopefully now if you wish, skip the long sales pitch (That near put me to sleep…. should those selling a marketing class put you to sleep? I would hope not!)

Lastly, the last nail in the coffin, while hoping beyond all hope I was wrong about this “webinar” I took it again! Yup, same video, not a real webinar, and worse, the list of the names looked almost the same! They could have at least made sure the fake people asking the questions where on the fake class list.

In 75 minutes I lost all trust for Savvy Network Marketing Women sadly and I doubt I will get that back.

If you know of a great class this blogger might love, that is worth your time and your money, let me know!

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