Seven Breastfeeding-Friendly Summer Style Ideas

Seven Breastfeeding-Friendly Summer Style Ideas

Summer is almost upon us, which means it is time to stock up on some new wardrobe essentials. As fun as summer shopping is, it can also be a challenge for breastfeeding moms. How do you stay ready to feed your baby while looking pretty and staying cool? Here are seven ways to get around the challenges of summer breastfeeding.

1. Nursing Tops

As breastfeeding is slowly coming back into vogue, more designers are offering clothes that make things easier on mom. Nowadays, it is not hard to find a variety of tops with hidden panels or elastic necklines that enable you to feed your baby without having to wrestle with your clothing. You may not always find styles that match your taste in stores, but there is a wide variety available online.

2. Clever Dresses

Throwing on a dress is one of the easiest ways to look put-together and stay cool in the summer, but some moms think dresses are off-limits if they want to breastfeed. On the contrary, you can wear dresses while breastfeeding, and they do not even have to be specially made nursing dresses.

The key is to look for specific styles that make breastfeeding possible. Button-down dresses, kimono dresses, and even some bodycon dresses all work well for breastfeeding, and they are all available from stylish retailers like Tobi. As you look at dresses, examine their to see if you could pull them aside to feed your baby. Chances are, you can find both formal and casual options you can wear all summer.


3. Layering

Even when you are not breastfeeding, it is often necessary to layer in the summer to keep your tops from being see-through. If you are breastfeeding, you can capitalize on this necessity by choosing sheer, light layers. A breezy top over a thin cami is the perfect summer nursing combo. The top layer is easy to lift up, and the bottom layer is easy to pull down. Your top layer can also serve as a convenient cover if you prefer to use one.

4. Nursing Tanks

Of course, some days are just plain too hot for layering, and that is where nursing tanks come in. Most moms have at least one, but it is smart to have more for the summer months.

Nursing tanks let you unclip half of your shirt at a time when your baby needs to eat, leaving the other half in place. They generally come with built-in bras, so you can even skip your nursing bra if you feel comfortable doing so. Look for nursing tanks in your favorite colors and buy a few. To the casual observer, you will look like you are just another woman wearing a cami on a sweltering day. Meanwhile, you will be ready to go at feeding time.

5. Button-Down Tanks

Button-down tank tops are another great summer breastfeeding style choice because they enable quick and easy access for baby. This style of top usually pairs well with both shorts and skirts, so you will be set whether you need to go casual or formal.

6. Summer Scarves

If you are a breastfeeding mom who also happens to be a scarf person, then you are in luck. Lightweight summer scarves pair well with all kinds of tops, and they can help you adapt styles that are not nursing-friendly to meet your needs. Scarves can easily do double-duty as nursing covers, so if you add one to your ensemble, you will be ready to go. Plus, they give your baby something to play with other than your hair!

7. Swimsuits

What is summer without trips to the water? Do not make the mistake of thinking you must buy a nursing-specific swimsuit if you would rather not. Almost all bikinis and tankinis can be quickly adjusted to give your baby a drink—which he or she will certainly need while you are out in the heat! Since swimsuit cover-ups tend to come in loose and breezy styles, most should be easy to move aside, or even double as nursing covers if you prefer.

Sweet Style

You are not doomed to feeling frumpy just because you are breastfeeding your baby. There are numerous ways you can make trending clothing styles work for both of you. Dive into your summer shopping with confidence knowing that attractive and nursing-friendly styles are widely available.

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