Health – Helping your important second brain thrive!

  We learned in high school that bacteria cells out number our human cells 10 to 1. Then we learned that the number is actually closer to being equal parts. Of course those cells are so tiny that by mass, they only make up 2 percent of our weight. That 2 percent though we have learned is vital to our health. One thing is for sure, we are still learning how important bacteria is in our lives.

I wish I had known this when I was younger!

Ignoring your Second Brain is ignoring your Health!

Doctors used to think that Anxiety and Depression and other moods could make gastro issues like IBS worse. We have since learned though that it can be the opposite problem. While the second brain doesn’t do the things our actual brains do, such as help us think, it can effect our emotions, moods, and feelings. Those with IBS then develop mental issues as well. It is thought that this is the Gut bacteria telling us something is wrong.

The second brain is more important than most of us know. Recently I found myself with full on type 2 Diabetes. It is suspected that bacteria plays a part in that too. I am just learning about this now. Most people don’t know how important our relationship is with bacteria, specially good bacteria!

Probiotics is one of the best tools to help your gut biom thrive!

Jamie Morea is someone who knows the importance of good bacteria! Jamie developed a brand of probiotics for everyone and their special situations after a life-altering trip from Guatemala to Thailand and contracted Entamoeba histolytica, a rare intestinal parasite most common in developing countries.

Jamie’s horrific experience inspired her quest to develop superior, live probiotic formulas, and to teach others about the vital ecosystem of beneficial bacteria living in each and every one of us. Hyperbiotics has 60 PATENTS and the formula was developed with technology that ensures the organisms are viable without refrigeration, survive past stomach acid, only uses human resident strains (as opposed to soil based organisms or active yeasts) and contain up to 15 different beneficial probiotic strainsHyperbiotics was created on the premise that bacteria is both the foundation of health and the future of medicine. 


Now I am not saying that to help your gut biom thrive you must use her probiots, I am saying that I do and I wanted to let you all know that you can get them at Target now! They launched last month and I am so excited about it! The line has probiotics for the whole family! I have taken a few different products from this company, I personally prefer the Pro-15 over the Pro-Woman, I find the pills are easier to swallow and my tummy likes them better too. One of the reasons I like this line best though is I don’t have to keep them in the fridge like other high quality probiotics, this means they travel better and I am more likely to take them where ever I happen to be!

hyperbiotics probiotics for the whole family

Beyond probiotics are know that our diets actually matter. One study showed that eating more fiber can help the Akkermansia muciniphila bacteria thrive and that is linked to being more lean and having better glucose tolerance.

feed good gut bacteria to lose weight

It is not only important to put in the right bacteria but to eat in a way that helps them thrive and be aware of what foods and medications harm the bacteria you need to be healthy. You can help your second brain thrive by adding fermented foods to your diet too! Things like live active cultured yogurt, kombucha, kefer and more not only add nutrition to your body but fuel that we know the good bacteria already loves!

So while I am just a blogger, and a mommy like so many of you, don’t take my word for it. Talk to your doctor! I am on this journey to health too and I don’t have all the answers. I do though feel like I am finally figuring it out.

Take care of your second brain! Wish me luck doing the same!

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