5 Thoughtful Ways To Show Your Kids The Importance Of Kindness


  As a parent, you often feel like you’ve got to find new ways to nourish your kids. In some ways that are true. But, it’s worth knowing that you don’t have to try and do things in a different way to get results. Sometimes, when you’re looking to make a difference in your kid’s […]

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7 Shoes Every Woman Should Own


    In your life, there are certain events you will always remember. For many women, we mark those moments by the shoes we wore. We remember what shoes we wore to prom (silver strappy heels from Payless), what shoes we wore every day in college (that slimy pair of flip flops that doubled as […]

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Presents To Say Thank You To Grandparents


More and more grandparents are chipping in and helping with childcare. The cost of childcare can stress a young family financially and grandparents step in to help if they can. They know that it means a great deal to you when you can leave your little ones with someone that you love and trust. Grandparents […]

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Be A Better Teacher For Your Kids


As parents, we want to help teach our children to ensure they go on to do brilliantly when it comes to exams. Then they can have a bright and fruitful future ahead of them. However, it can be easier said than done when it comes to giving our kids a good education. A lot of […]

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Why is no one telling moms this about Health Savings Accounts?

Health is a topic important to Moms. I know this, you know this, everyone knows this! Yet no one seems to be talking to is us Moms straight about what is actually going on with Health Savings Accounts. The “well off” talking heads on the news keep mentioning them, but there are things they aren’t […]

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Fantastic True Tot Tower Giveaway – Ends 7/7

True Tot Tower Giveaway There are so many reasons why you should buy a True Tot Tower. It’s versatility and at the perfect price point make it the best option when it comes to Tot Towers. Click here to read the top reasons why this tower is the best tower around – it even folds […]

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Something Awesome is going on at your Post Office right now! – News


I am sure by now you know there is a total Eclipse going on in August! If you are lucky you will be able to see it if you happen to be in this path when it happens. The total eclipse will cross 14 states from the west coast to the east coast! There will […]

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The STEM Toys Kids and Parents are Loving! – Osmo – Best Buy


As parents we know that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) are really important! While school systems are pushing education that focuses on testing reading and math, sometimes other important aspects of learning are not featured enough. When given hands on learning in STEM, kids learn fast and tend to love it! Best Buy we […]

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Review: VitaminVape – Better B12

Vitamin Vape B12

I was truly surprised when I heard that you could vape vitamins and looking into it, it looks to work. I am not a doctor though so read the studies yourself of course! I was really happy to find Vitaminvape – B12 as like many people with diabetes, and even those with PCOS, I know […]

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Trouble Sleeping? Here Are 4 Ways To Get Some Shut Eye


  Perhaps you are a new mother, have a stressful job, or have just simply got into a pattern of late nights and are struggling to get into a good sleeping routine. There are many reasons that people don’t sleep well. The suffering and health issues it can cause is a substantial stress in itself, […]

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Advice For Mothers Bringing Home A Newborn


When you came home with your newborn baby, you had mixed emotions, and most likely your anxiety levels have never been higher. Even though you might have a great husband or boyfriend and both sides of the family who are more than willing to pitch in, you’re still probably full of a lot of self-doubts. […]

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The Kindness Rock Project – Rock Swap

the kindness project augusta rocks swap

If you have been living under a rock then chances it has been picked up and painted and hidden some place as of late so you must know about The Kindness Rock project. Perhaps you didn’t know just how this current craze started of people painting rocks and hiding them in places for others to […]

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4 Life Lessons Your Kids Can Gain From Sports

storts kids

A sport is one of the most powerful teachers children can have. From it, they can learn values like endurance, determination, teamwork, dedication, and so much more. There’s truly a wealth of wisdom to be gained. For this reason, many have used sports as a medium for imparting valuable life lessons and developing character.   […]

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4 Cool Thermostat Options for Your Home


As time marches on, technology advances in a multitude of ways, leading to appliances with more and more features. Every aspect of our lives is affected by these changes, from cleaning and food storage to climate control. Although the trusty old thermostat has been a part of human lives for more than a century, exciting […]

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Beautiful Garden: The Best Garden Pests That Actually Help Your Garden Grow


  Gardeners have plenty to worry about. from plant diseases to ensuring adequate levels of water and sunlight, there are many concerns when it comes to the precious plants and flowers in the garden. While there are countless types of pests that could destroy your roses, tomatoes, or cabbages, there are many garden bugs that […]

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A Present For Daddy?


Urghh! How hard is it to buy grown men presents? There seems to be endless options on what to get the women in your life. Stuff like Toiletries, makeup, clothes, craft materials always go down well. But when it comes to buying a birthday or celebration gift the guys, it is so easy to draw […]

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Giveaway – Cool Dads Cloth Diaper – Ends 6/20

Most parents have heard of the benefits of cloth diapering, but there may seem like there’s a lot involved in getting started using them.    Dads can cloth diaper too! Latched On Mom shares how her husband found interest in cloth diapering and how to make it easier when beginning to use cloth diapers in […]

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Sprinkle Some Eco-Friendly Magic In Your Family Kitchen


It’s always good to bring up your family to be eco-friendly. After all, together we can help the world to be a better place for our kids, and their own children. And if we follow good eco-friendly practices, it can encourage our kids to do so when they are older. However, it can be easier […]

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Raising A Global Child: The Pros And Cons


    The world is becoming a much smaller place. People have access to more places in the world than ever before. And, this is making is easier and easier for families to take root in new places; raising their kids to be global children. There are loads of reasons for you to give this […]

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If you could share a box with anyone, who would it be? — Cheerios


Thank you to our sponsors for allowing us to bring you this post! I am joyed to know that one of the things I share in common with so many other people is that our childhoods included Cheerio’s. It was by far the cereal I ate the most and as a Mom I can say […]

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