Learning Prompts For Life Lessons

We’re all in agreement that education is crucial, right? Whether you stick with mainstream schooling, or delve into the wonderful world of homeschooling, these are the fundamental years of your kids lives. Believe it or not, though, there are some things schooling doesn’t teach. We could lament all we want about the severe lack of life lessons in the curriculum, but nothing will change. Instead, we need to tackle those life lessons ourselves. In the classroom, teachers use prompts to make the learning process easier. So, we’re going to look at a few prompts you can use to help your kids understand life outside academia.

Reading People Learning Looking Child Development

Reading People Learning Looking Child Development




There’s no denying that books are used in the classroom. But, there’s often quite a narrow choice when it comes to studying. Exercise books can hardly count, and even the literature kids study leaves a lot to be desired. But, in many ways it’s understandable. Books in the classroom teach about language, or the subject studied. Yet, that’s not the only learning benefit that can come from reading. Books, like those found at http://www.citylights.com/ can also markedly improve your child’s empathy. If they read a lot of fiction, they’ll learn about the emotions other people experience. And, they’ll likely do so much faster than their non-reading companions. Books can also help to show your child viewpoints that aren’t their own. As such, it’s a fantastic way to open their eyes to diversity. Even better, they’ll be able to empathize with those who are different to them.

Rabbit Friendship Supplies Love Girl

Rabbit Friendship Supplies Love Girl




The chances are, none of us agree with the practice of classroom pets. It rarely ends well. But, there are many educational benefits for allowing animals into your child’s life. A pet can teach them about the habits of other creatures, but that’s not all. Pet ownership can also help teach responsibility, and give some understanding of death. That may sound callous, but if your child’s used to their pets passing, they’ll be better able to cope if anything happened to someone they know. You want a pet you can be sure will suit your child. If you think a small commitment is best, opt for something like a hamster. If you think they could cope with more responsibility, you could get them a dog. Tuftoys.com has fun medium dog breed facts which could help you make the right choice. Doing your research will ensure your dog has the right temperament. Then, see how your kid rises to the challenge.




Again, children use computers in school. But, as with books, they’re not used to the best of their abilities. In technology classes, children learn about programming and spreadsheets.  There’s one major benefit that schools miss – capacity to encourage free thinking. Online, your kids can research any subject, and develop opinions about each. The ability to think for themselves will be crucial in their later lives. Encourage them to research subjects that interest them. Engage them in conversation about that topic to help form their opinions.


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