The Newborn Baby Checklist


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There is no doubt that there is a whole load of stuff you need to buy when you are expecting a new baby. Though some of them are pretty obvious, there are probably other things that you never thought of before. So, here is a short guide to just some of the items not to overlook. Though there is probably more than could fit in a single blog, hopefully this will give you a good overview so you are better prepared for your new arrival.




First of all, you will obviously need some clothing to dress your baby in. Start off with babygrows or onesies as this is what your baby will be dressed in most of the time when they are born. One of the joys of being a new parent is dressing up your newborn in the cutest ways possible so check out a baby superhero onesie! Then you need to think about hats, socks, booties and gloves, to name a few. Don’t forget about warmer clothing like jackets for when you want to take your little one outdoors.




Whether you are breastfeeding or not will determine what sort of equipment you need here. If you are, a breast pump and nursing pillow are both useful items. If you are formula feeding, then you will need lots of bibs, bottles and formula. Ultimately, any equipment to make you and your baby more comfortable should be top of your priority list.




You will want to stock up on plenty of diapers before your baby arrives as you will find yourself with very little spare time on your hands after they are born! You will probably also want to get yourself a diaper pail, changing pad and baby ointment to avoid rashes. You will also want plenty of disposable cloths for cleaning.





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Bathtime is one of the best experiences for any new parent, so you want to make sure you are well prepared before the new arrival. First of all, you will need a plastic infant tub that the baby is big enough to grow into in the next few months. You will also want baby soap and cleanser, as well as a soft-bristled hair brush. After your baby comes out of the bath, it is nice to have some soft-hooded towels to dry them off.




Most new parents decide to use a crib for bedtime, and this is likely to be one of your biggest purchases as a new parent. You will want a firm mattress and some waterproof mattress covers. As well as this, you will also need some fitted crib sheets and some light blankets.


Other Essentials


These ones don’t fit in any particular category, but you will need an infant safety seat for the car and reclining stroller for when you are going out for a walk. In case they get sick, you will need a baby thermometer, medicine spoon and various medication. It is also nice to have a rocking chair and playpen.     

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