Something Awesome is going on at your Post Office right now! – News

I am sure by now you know there is a total Eclipse going on in August!

If you are lucky you will be able to see it if you happen to be in this path when it happens. The total eclipse will cross 14 states from the west coast to the east coast! There will be a 70 mile wide shadow under it mid morning in Oregon and will end 90 minutes later in South Carolina. I have a dear friend who is having a party in her part of Illinois to enjoy this event. Hotels in the path of this event are selling out quickly, and prices I have read are crazy!


The last time you could see an eclipse like this was in 1979, over 37 years ago! The last time we got to see one on this scale though, so fully, was in 1918! So basically none of us alive right now! This is amazing right?

In case you can’t be there to see it, you can check it out on a live feed NASA is said to be showing online!

Have you seen one before yourself?

So what all does this have to do with your post office?

Your post office is now selling the first-of-its-kind Forever stamp which transforms the solar eclipse image into the Moon from the heat of a finger! It is simply just so cool! I love stamps, even though I don’t collect them, it always makes me smile to use special ones on snail mail and I love getting special ones in the mail too. I can’t be the only one who things this is so cool! I know kids are going to love these too!


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  So where will you be on August 21?

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