Trouble Sleeping? Here Are 4 Ways To Get Some Shut Eye


Perhaps you are a new mother, have a stressful job, or have just simply got into a pattern of late nights and are struggling to get into a good sleeping routine. There are many reasons that people don’t sleep well. The suffering and health issues it can cause is a substantial stress in itself, and it can impact your productivity at work, your general sense of well-being and even your relationships. You shouldn’t suffer in silence, however, and telling either someone at home or a professional if you feel that your lack of sleep requires professional help. Quite often, however, it is your routine or bedroom itself that is hindering your ability to sleep. Fortunately,  there are many simple ways to help you get back into a healthy sleep pattern without turning to sleeping pills.


Turn off electronic devices before going to bed.

There is nothing worse for your sleep pattern than trying to go to sleep moments after you have been staring at a screen in bed. Your body will not have time to adjust from the bright, artificial glare of a laptop, i-pad or TV and will be over-stimulated rather than relaxed and ready for bed. Try reading a book or using a reading device such as a Kindle which has a unique screen which will not hurt your eyes in the same way that a standard screen would do.

Listen to relaxing music

Get into a routine of playing quiet background music an hour or so before going to bed, and your body will start to adapt and recognize this as a sign that it is time to go to sleep. Look here for some recommended music that will help you drift off. Similarly, having an alarm that has a natural sound, such as the birdsong will mean that you wake up gently and in a more natural state than an electronic beeping or even worse clanging of an old-fashioned alarm clock.

Invest in good quality bedding.

The difference a good quality bed and bedding can make to the way you sleep can not be underestimated. Being comfortable while you sleep is one thing, but choosing to invest in functional bedding will give you a better posture and increase your overall health that sleeping well brings. Sleeping with too many or the wrong size pillow under your neck can be damaging to your body, and while it might be comfortable at first, it might be one of the reasons that you are unable to sleep properly, try using a soft down pillow and hypoallergenic bedding for the best in bedtime comfort.

Use Blackout Curtains or Blinds

Even the smallest amount of light trickling in from your window can be distracting and hinder you from falling asleep. Blackout curtains are specially made curtains that are very thick and block out any light coming from your windows that might be contributing towards your sleep-deprivation. You can buy blackout curtains in a lot of stores, or you can even make them yourself.









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