Creating Bookworms: Encouraging Your Kids to Read

Getting kids to read, and to enjoy reading, is sometimes a struggle. When they can spend their time watching TV, playing games or going outside, sitting and reading a book doesn’t always appeal. Some children are happy to spend their time reading and might even have their head in a book all the time. But others take a bit more encouragement to read regularly. Reading is essential for good literacy skills, which can make learning about a range of other subjects easier. During the summer especially, it’s important for kids to keep reading while they’re out of school. Try some of these tips to make reading more fun.


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Look for What They Love


Reading should be something your kids enjoy, not just something they’re forced to do at school. It’s not always easy to find books and other material they like to read, but if you make careful selections, they can be a bit more enthusiastic about reading. Even the most reluctant readers can find something they don’t want to put down if it’s making them want to know what happens next. One excellent idea is to look for funny books. Even kids who don’t much like reading love to laugh. Try some of the books written by comedians or popular series like Captain Underpants.


Any Reading Is Better Than No Reading


A lot of parents can get hung up on getting their children to read books. They want to read novels, ideally, or perhaps non-fiction books. However, for a lot of kids, a long book (especially without pictures) can seem a little daunting. There are fewer natural breaks and an awful lot of words to get through. Remember that reading anything is better than not reading at all, so don’t be disparaging of reading things like comic books. They might be heavier on pictures and light on words, but that can be helpful for kids who struggle to read.


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Find Free and Cheap Ways to Keep the Books Flowing


Keeping things interesting can sometimes be difficult. Maybe your kids have read the same books over and over, or they’re bored of the ones they have. Buying new books can be expensive, though. Fortunately, there are both free and cheap ways to discover more. Firstly, if you have a local library, it’s free to borrow books. Another option is to swap books, which you could do with friends and family, with local community groups or online. Find out everything you need to know about Paperbackswap if you want to swap your books over the internet. Sending your current books to someone else gets you credits to buy new books.


Read Together from an Early Age


Don’t forget about the importance of reading with your child. Whether you’re reading to them or they’re reading to you, it makes reading a fun activity that allows you to spend time together. Make reading a way for you to bond at home, and not just something they’re forced to do at school.


Your kids don’t have to love reading, but it helps if they sometimes like it. It’s great for their literacy skills, imagination, concentration, and lots more.

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