Creating The Snuggliest Of Family Snugs With This Guide

There will always be a point in your home where the family gathers. It might be your living room or if you are lucky you may have a room, in your home perfect for the job, but perhaps needs some love and TLC. A snug is normally a smaller room in your home where the family can gather to relax, catch up, watch movies or even read and enjoy the things they like to do. You can decorate and furnish it however you see fit, but you might want to consider a more informal setting than perhaps the main living room in your home. If you are hoping to create a family snug, then this guide will help.




Create zones for the family to enjoy their pastimes


A great idea would be to consider adding different zones to the room so the whole family can get some use out of this universal space. Perhaps add a TV on the wall for your viewing pleasure. Consider adding a reading nook in the corner with some of your favorite reads, maybe even adding a lamp or designated chair for the job if you have the space. Or, if not, then floating shelves to create the illusion of space. Other things to consider in this room could be a workstation for children to do their homework or for one of you to work or do paperwork. A family snug is all about family, so it’s important to make sure the space works well for all of you.


Think about the furnishings you choose


The furnishings you choose are important to your room. Choosing a comfortable sofa and a few chairs might be the way forward, but you could decide to opt out of more traditional furnishings if you wish. Perhaps considering something a little more out of the box like bag furniture at This is an alternative seating arrangement, but a bean bag that can seat the whole family sounds very snug like. Other things to consider would be any storage furniture you might need, a desk area and even the shelves we mentioned earlier.


Make it family oriented with your choice of decor


Painting this sort of room means you have the freedom to be a little different, so don’t be shy about your color choices if your family like brighter shades. This is your room, and the chances are you, and perhaps your children’s friends, will be the only ones who use it. Try and make the decor family oriented and maybe all decide on the color together. You could even add a photograph montage wall of some of your favorite and even the silliest family snaps. There are plenty of guides online like


Add some modern touches to give it the edge


Finally, add some modern touches to the snug to make it appealing. Perhaps a small refrigerator filled with your favorite drinks and snacks perfect for movie time. Or even low lighting to give it a snug effect when you want to relax with your loved ones. There are many things you can do to a room like this, so go crazy and enjoy.


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