Learn the Curious Connection Between Your Nerves and Anxiety


By: Michale Ben

Anxiety is a problem that more people are dealing with all of the time. Because of that, it’s really important that we understand how it works and what we can do in order to take care of the issues at hand that are related to the whole thing. That being said, there are a lot of people who will use being nervous and having anxiety interchangeably – and that’s not really how it works for most people.

Nerves vs. Anxiety

Being nervous is just a general feeling that you can get when you’re placed into a potentially uncomfortable situation. Your stomach may drop a bit, and you may feel like you’re a little out of place. Sweaty palms and stuttering are also very common when you start to look at what can happen when you get nervous in a situation.

Anxiety is a totally different experience, however, and you will often find that there are a lot of other symptoms related to what is going on as well. Not only will you have those feelings, but you may also be dealing with constantly racing thoughts, anxiety in situations that are not normally labeled as “anxiety inducing”, situations where you may feel panicked or afraid, panic attacks, and a variety of other issues. For people with the most severe cases of anxiety, they may find the anxiety crippling or that it makes it hard for them to do normal activities of daily living.

Anxiety Disorders

There are several anxiety based disorders out there, including generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (better known as PTSD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (better known as OCD), social anxiety disorder, and a variety of fears and phobias that fall under these labels.


Did you know that anxiety has a lot of helpful treatments? One of the main ones that has been getting a lot of attention is hemp oil. When you look at websites like www.americanhempoil.net and other websites that focus on the use of cannabis and CBD, you will find that there have been a lot of studies related to whether or not it’s useful for anxiety purposes. As the science behind it becomes clearer, it is actually quite obvious that anxiety can be treated very safely and naturally with the use of hemp oil and other cannabis products.

All in all, anxiety is a big deal and if you have it, you should be considering options like talk therapy and other ways in which you can cope with your symptoms. But, you also want to make sure that you do everything as safely as you can, because it does matter for whatever you’re trying to do with your health and wellness needs. You can get help for your anxiety and, if you learn about how it works and what you can do to make it easier on yourself, it will be much easier for you to face the sorts of things that you’re trying to deal with almost every day.

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