What I am learning about having a Lost Dog


Our black male Pomeranian is missing. He has been for a week. It has been a roller coaster so far but we still have hope. Goodness I am learning a lot. So many emotions, and a great deal of guilt.

You see we have never had a lost dog before. In 19 years of “adulting” this hasn’t happened. We have lived in so many places and moved so often being a military family, and yet not lost a dog, till now.

When ever either of our small dogs have ever gotten out, they stay near the house, yapping to get in. So when just one of our pups went missing from the back yard (that isn’t very tall but lacks a gate) it was odd. While scouting the neighborhood that night a neighbor told us there are 2 gangs of kids around here who steal dogs. It was crushing news. I had seen before a group of kids letting local dogs out of yard to run in packs before actually. We thought our yard was safe, no gate to open! But why just one dog. I thought perhaps because our other small dog really dislikes strangers and lets everyone know.

So that night I put this photo of our lost dog Simon all over the internet locally. It seemed to spread like wildfire. I messaged the local animal shelter too. I got word days later someone had days prior seen him on a street not far from ours. Each day the kids walk the neighborhood looking for him, and each day we spend time driving around looking for him.

Online are the common questions, why doesn’t he have a collar, and is he chipped. No, he doesn’t have a collar as he and his crate mate chew them off one another joyfully. It seems to be their thing so I gave up long ago. As for his chip, I never updated it, and we have moved many times. Heck, I can’t even find the paper work at this point due to the moves and my own stupidity. Guilt. The other question is, why isn’t he shaved down, he needs a trim! And they are right! He hates being trimmed, and I just put it off. More Guilt.

Today my daughters best friend found a random posting of a family who had seen our dog. They had posted on their own facebook page and not a group and I hadn’t thought of just searching facebook in the search bar ” Our city – Found Dog” but that worked. Kids went over there only to find out he isn’t there anymore. So I printed flyers and I should have done that days ago, not everyone checks things online, and the kids put them up. Someone called. They had our dog from Tuesday to Friday, when it got out of their yard, and is gone. That was 2 days ago! He has to be some place. We will not give up!

One odd thing happened yesterday, while looking for our dog, the kids were followed home by a red pitt mix. No collar, so we put him in our back yard and I posted him online. A while later someone was in our back yard with him. Weird, remember, no gate! They had to climb over the fence. And then the doorbell rang and it was an older man who owns the dog thankfully. The person in the back yard lept over the fence before we could talk to them. We gave the man at the front door his dog of course, happy to have one less thing to worry about as our little dog and this big one really didn’t like each other even through one was in the house and the other, out of the house. I wonder, did they think we stole their dog? We put it in our yard so it wouldn’t get hit by a car….  Things seem more complicated then they need to be.

Alas, I just want out dog back. I promise to fix the chip and collar situation some how and give him a trim! He truly is a loved little ball of fluff and we all miss him!

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