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 Our new school year is almost here and so that means all the joys of getting new supplies! We just got these elegantly long paint brushes that are for professionals and beginners. With 5 kids and a family who loves to be creative, these are perfect for us!

These are made by the Komina company! They sent these brushes to us free so we could review them!

Artist Paint Brushes 15 pieces – for Acrylic Oil Watercolor Gouache and Face Painting – for Artists Beginners and Kids71+7SdCBUTL._SL1200_

This paint brush set consists of 15 DIFFERENT BRUSHES:
Filbert – Sizes 9, 4
Angle – Sizes 12, 10, 5, 2
Round(Sable) – Sizes 8, 7, 3, 1, 2/0
Flat – Sizes 11, 6
Fan – Size 0
Rigger – Size 3/0

We so often tend to need a larger brush than we have, or smaller ones, and I love that this set has so many sizes and shapes. This set really feels special! We do a lot of different kind of painting through the year and to test these out on their maiden voyage to kid art bliss we went with #sharkweek water colors!

I drew out a quick shark for a few of our daughters to make water around it trying out the different brushes.

Photo Jul 24, 4 23 50 PM

Of course the star of our shark week as always is the Great White Shark! I just used 2 sharpie colors for this and looked at some images online to get an idea of something I could quickly freehand as I have talent for drawing and sharpies are rather unforgiving. Honestly this whole project took less than 10 minutes so this is great for any busy mom if you are wanting to have some painting fun with shark week!

Photo Jul 24, 4 24 22 PM

Photo Jul 24, 4 24 39 PM

Photo Jul 24, 4 25 16 PM

Photo Jul 24, 4 26 39 PM

Needed Art Supplies:

Great Paint Brushes

Water Cup

Watercolor Paints

Watercolor paper


Paper towels

and Kids who love Shark Week!

Photo Jul 24, 4 41 50 PM

Having a variety of brush types and sizes is very helpful no matter what medium of painting you are doing. We do a lot of rock painting for the Kindness Rock Project and I am so excited to use the big brushes in Acrylic to quick coat some of the rocks before designing on them. Having the smaller brushes though are going to make painting a lot less stressful!

Photo Jul 24, 4 37 36 PM

Photo Jul 24, 4 39 27 PM

They worked together on this one! My 11 year old insisted the shark be grey, the younger sister insisted on blue, they made it a mix and wow, I love how it turned out! I also love that the sharpie didn’t bleed into the colors!

Photo Jul 24, 4 39 35 PM (1)

Of course a few bristles have come out the first time using them. This is normal. Only a very few came out. The brushes picked up the thin paint beautifully. The girls giggled with delight over painting with the new homeschool back to school supply brushes!

Photo Jul 24, 4 37 33 PM

They even put in the bottom of the ocean and the sun and sky! They are waiting for it to dry as they want to put in some coral and other fish with other colored sharpies!

Photo Jul 24, 4 39 47 PM


Do you love back to school shopping? 

Do you love Shark Week? 

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