RV Camping – You picked the perfect spot, don’t forget this!

RV camping don't forget

Don’t Forget This When RV Camping!

I come from a long line women who love the woods. Some of them have been master packers too whom forgot nothing, ever. I however did not acquire that last skill it seems, I seem to some how always forget something. Often what I forget when planning a vacation is something important! As we plan an RV trip to a perfect place and pick the perfect spot, there is something I know I need to not forget, and if I am not careful, I might forget it. I want to make sure you don’t forget this one thing either. More on that in a minute though.


   A few years ago we were lucky enough to discover on a homeschooling field trip the wild ponies on Assateague Island. It was simply amazing and the story behind the island the ponies is so fantastic with a bit of mystery mixed in and a bit of controversy too. One thing is for certain, it is a magical place with beautiful beaches and places to explore!

Planning on Camping on Assateague Island

These beautiful island wild ponies is split between the Maryland side and the Virgina side. It is 48,000 acres. While the horses are what bring many to the island for camping, you can also find white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) and the non-native sika deer (Cervus japonica). There are many kinds of creatures in the park that are worth looking for! Animals, including birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates inhabit the park. You can only camp on the Maryland side! Camping with a tent or RV is $30 a night on the ocean side, or the bay side. For my family with little ones, we are choosing the RV option. While there are no hook ups, having been to the island before, we know the ponies have no fear, and we also know they can ransack a tent! So for the safety of them, and the kids, an RV will be perfect for us! Goodness the horses liked to follow us on our last trip! People have gotten nipped too! These are wild animals and have personalities and plans all their own. While amazingly beautiful, one has to be wise and take care for your safety and for their own.

So the camping sites here have no RV hook ups. This brings me to the thing so many people forget…. Toilet Paper. You think it should be simple, the stuff is in every grocery store in the nation right? Only RVs and Boats are special…. did you know? The wrong kind of Toilet Paper can cost you in so many ways…. it can cause costly repairs and in my opinion, worse…. it can be cause gross accidents! So this brings me to todays sponsor. Scott Rapid-Dissolving Bath Tissue dissolves 4 times faster than normal TP. If you are experienced in RV camping or Boating you know that is important and why! This TP is a thick quality 1ply that is soft and comfortable to us. It is also great for septic tanks! You can also feel good about using this as it is approved by the forestry stewardship council as being responsibly sourced.

Scott RV TP

Product Name: Scott Rapid-Dissolving Bath Tissue, 4 Rolls, Pack of 12
Retail Price: $35.64 (that is .80 a roll!) Use Subscribe and Save if your camp a lot and save more money!
Where to Buy: Amazon

scott screenshot

To test to see if this TP actually does dissolve faster, I did a video experiment!


So now you see what is at the top of my DO NOT FORGET list for RV camping!

Do you have perfect spot you love to camp at? 


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  1. Wow! This is good to know!!! I didn’t know there was a difference! And….I would love to see those ponies!!

  2. I had no idea there was a special toilet paper just for camping! Your video totally convinced me this is a camping must!

  3. LOL!! Totally would have forgotten to pack the tp UNTIL we got to the camp ground.
    I would love to try camping in an RV.
    We are looking at picking up a 2 man tent for our trip to the mountains next week.

    • I love that you can rent RV’s now in so many places! Of course a tent is classic and fantastic! With little kids though I just feel more comfy in a RV. Specially with wild horses around that have no fear of people and do bite! I hope your trip is fantastic!

  4. We love to take long road trips. Plus believe it or not, I always carry a roll of toilet paper just in case the public restrooms are out.

  5. Sounds like an essential to me! I love the Assateague pictures, we visited a few years ago but were only driving through, we didn’t stay long. Looks like a fun summer vacation spot.

  6. To tell you the truth, I have never been camping. I think it would be great to try an RV. I had no idea that there was special toilet paper. It definitely makes sense.

  7. We spent 18 months traveling in an RV and I can attest that this is a real issue. I can also attest that the Scott for marine and RV is the best. We used to stock up any time we found it because it was truly our favorite!

  8. I haven’t been RV Camping. Toilet paper would definitely be important! It’s also something I would likely forget. Thanks for the reminder.

  9. Scott is my family’s go to toilet paper. We have a goal to go RVing soon!

  10. Scot TP is the only brand I like. For home I use the scott’s 1000 and we love it. On another note, Assateague Island sounds beautiful. And it’s not a terribly far drive for us. I’m thinking it would make a great long weekend vacation. I’m definitely putting it on my list

  11. I have never been camping or in an RV but I hope to one day. Sounds like such a great experience.

  12. Its my dream to buy a RV and travel on the open road! Will keep this toilet paper in mind when the day finally comes to fruition 🙂

  13. We always tent camp so I never even thought about the need for rapid-dissolving toilet paper. However, we are planning an RV road trip so we’ll definitely have to add this to our packing list.