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I really have no idea why it came as such a shock to me when I first heard about science books for babies. I mean, there are so many fantastic topics of board books why not one so dear to our hearts and important to our future such as science? Of course when I heard about them, I had to get them for our baby Rory. Rory loves books and when she brings you a book, the world stops for a few minutes as she insists you read to her. Chances are, if she likes you, and she is picky I admit, she will bring you books and demand you read to her. She is cute, there is no point in trying to resist! She knows the “science” of this as well… because if cute fails, she then goes with plan B. and that happens to be loud. She is very good at getting loud and letting you know she isn’t happy with your life choices if those don’t include stopping what ever you happen to be doing, to read to her. Also, she may request your finger to read special words or describe certain things. She is very demanding. Of course that is also the science of toddlerhood!

Thrilled to be doing this children’s book review!

Readers have told me I don’t do enough book reviews! I know, I know! Busy Busy! We love them too, I promise!

Science for Baby

I love the these books are basic science with shapes that kids do already find themselves drawn to. I wasn’t sure at first if simple images would interest our little one, but she loves them. She can see the differences and I know this as she points them out! She isn’t big on talking yet, and that is a whole other topic, but she communicates in her own way. She loves these books and loves the simple shapes. The Quantum Physics baby board book is a special favorite of hers. Who can blame her! The older kids also get pulled into reading this to her, and I love that this is science for them as well. I don’t recall learning about electrons in 2nd grade, but perhaps I should have? Perhaps we all should be learning science a bit differently growing up?


There is no point in organizing this book shelf display, ever. LOL It will always look like this by the end of the day!


Chris Ferrie certainly seems to think so! I think he is right! He is a Quantum Theorist and also the Dad to 4 little geeklings. My geeklings thank his geeklings for inspiring their Dad to write these books! We can’t wait to get more of them!

You can get the 4 we have been reading on Amazon by clicking on the photos below. The price on these right now is fantastic too!







From our instagram account here is a glimpse into our world when baby insists it is time for reading! She is so cute right? Even when a bit messy! I love that I can be real with all of you and not have to be pinterest perfect if you know what I mean. We are a military family but you will not find spotless floors and hospital corners here. You will find books, and art, and mess and real life all over the place here! You will also find smart happy kids with parents doing their best and who are never ever bored!




We highly recommend these books and think they are a perfect baby shower gift too!

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