Is Now The Right Time To Add A Furry Friend To Your Brood?

child-1031047_640 (1)

“Mommy, can we get a dog?”. Your child has just uttered those six little words that until now you have always dreaded hearing. You thought that your response would be to panic and reel off excuse after excuse as to why getting a puppy would be a bad idea. However, you have surprised yourself as […]

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Making Sure Your Pets Are Well Looked After During Your Holiday


  Everyone knows that heading on holiday can get expensive, but it can also mean less convenience if you’re forced to bring your pet with you. This can be fine if camping,  heading to the countryside or some other rural location, but if you’re heading to a metropolitan district can have it’s own pitfalls when […]

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Fall Counting – Easy Reader – Printable

Free Preschool Fall Printable

          One of the issues I have had as a parent teaching my little ones to read is that many of the Easy Readers and Beginning Readers for young children have art work that just isn’t appealing. Sometimes you just need something that fits the mood and is beautiful. With that […]

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Gearing up for the new school year!


It’s that time again!  Back-to-School season is officially here!  Whether you’ve just begun prepping for the new school year, or your kids have already started – this can be an exciting but hectic time for both parents and kids.  For our family, we love back to school time. We go slow to get ready, building […]

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Master Money Worries To Give Your Child The Best Education


  Children and education. It’s a tricky subject, rife with questions which every parent has a different answer for. But, aside from questions about how much is too much, and which schools are best, some parents have more pressing concerns. We’re talking, of course, about money. Even in state schools, there are extra costs to […]

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Should You Always Take Advantage Of Extra-Curricular Opportunities For Your Children?

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  At this time of the year, kids come home with flyers or letters about sporting clubs, music groups, camps and other extra-curricular activities. Sometimes it’s easy to see the benefits of participating in them, and at other times you wonder what on earth they were thinking! At this age, it really is important to […]

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#Giveaway – New School Year = New Sheets – Ends 9/31


One of the things so many of us love about the back-to-school and back-to-homeschooling time is the new start, a clean slate! One of the many things parents and students find themselves doing during this time is organizing, making new habits, and making their spaces work for them better. It is a great time to […]

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Caring About Education: Why Finding The Right School Matters

Master Sgt. Jeff Villemarette helps a boy with cerebral palsy color during a special education class April 27, 2010, at the Nadjeshda Children's Center in Kyrgyzstan. Nadjeshda is home for 60 children and teenagers who are disabled in different ways. Sergeant Villemarette is assigned to the Transit Center at Manas. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Carolyn Viss)

    Article 24 of the 2006 Rights of People with Disabilities states that every child deserves the right to an appropriate education. However, some mainstream schools are still neglecting the proper care for children with disabilities.   Our children need to be included in every facet of the school system, from having the right […]

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How to never have bored children again!


One of the things parents seem to truly loath hearing are the words “I am bored” coming from their offspring. I am not sure if it is because we ourselves are so busy that the idea of being bored sounds like a luxury we wish we had, or if it feels like a bit of […]

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Keep Your Dog Comfortable On Their First Family Camping Trip


As a valuable member of your family; you’ll want to include your pet dog in as many activities as possible. There’s nothing quite like a family camping trip; to allow your dog to enjoy the great outdoors with their favorite people. You’ll want to ensure that your pet pooch is as happy and as comfortable […]

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What Your Dog Should Be Eating: Knowing Your Furry Friend’s Nutritional Needs


You are what you eat and that’s as true for animals as it is for humans. Just as we as a species have a tendency to compromise our health with fast food, sugary or salty snacks, heavily processed meats and a general aversion to vegetables, so too can animals face ill health if they’re not […]

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Prevention Is Better Than Cure: How To Keep Your Family Healthy


As a parent, you have a lot on your plate. Not only do you have to make sure that everyone is happy, but you have to organize your family pretty much every day. From getting the kids up and ready for school to helping with homework, making meals, and generally running the household, it’s a […]

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7 Tips to get kids out the door on time!

Dannimals baby

  Wouldn’t it be fantastic to worry less about being late because getting out the door is a smooth process? That is certainly the goal with our large family. One thing I know, kids make us late! Or rather not being organized and ready for the things that come up make us late! Of course […]

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Earn While They Learn: Making The Most Of School


  Being a mother is a full-time job for a good few years. While your child is too young for school, they are under your care all the time. A young child will need entertainment, food, and, of course, a lot of cleaning. But, this time will fly by, and they’ll soon be at school. […]

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Are you ready for the Solar Eclipse?

solar eclipse glasses cheap

Chances are if you are in America you have heard about the Solar Eclipse that will go from one side of the USA to the other and how very rare this actually is for us. The last time you could see an eclipse like this was in 1979, over 37 years ago! The last time we […]

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Roku Streaming Stick #giveaway — Ends 8/15

Roku Streaming Stick Giveaway   Being able to stream the shows you love on your TV doesn’t mean you have to get a new TV if yours isn’t a smart TV already. Roku gives you so many options to watch the shows you love, when you have time! I love Netflix and Hulu most, my […]

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