Are you ready for the Solar Eclipse?

Chances are if you are in America you have heard about the Solar Eclipse that will go from one side of the USA to the other and how very rare this actually is for us. The last time you could see an eclipse like this was in 1979, over 37 years ago! The last time we got to see one on this scale though, so fully, was in 1918! This will be my very first and I know that is true for a lot people. There is reason to be excited. The total eclipse will cross 14 states from the west coast to the east coast! There will be a 70 mile wide shadow under it mid morning in Oregon and will end 90 minutes later in South Carolina. This gives a great many Americans the chance to see this event just by looking up. Some people are even traveling so they can have the best spot under the total eclipse!

This is such an amazing event that the United States Postal Service issued an amazing first of it’s kind Eclipse stamp that is very special and should be seen to understand just how cool it actually is! I love how this Eclipse helps add to Homeschool Science. Truly though everyone has something to learn from this event. No wonder we are all so excited.

That being said, beyond the #1 issue being, where will you be come the eclipse, is eye safety! Too many people are just not understanding what a big issue this is! It is very simple one to solve though. Get Solar Glasses for the whole family. They are not costly and they are actually fun to experiment with.

Best Solar Eclipse Glasses to get FAST!


solar eclipse glasses cheap

These glasses fir both young and old though I would be more comfortable with a toddler having googles that are harder to remove. With everyone looking up, little ones are sure to do the same thing and you need to make sure they will not take their eye protection off, or at least make it more of a challenge to do so than these require. For adults, we found cupping hands around them make it more comfortable to see when looking at the sun. This pack came with 4 wider glasses not pictured here and those are the best in my opinion, specially for fitting over glasses viewers might already be required to wear to see clearly. I love the red white and blue style and I also love the other orange solar eclipse and black style too. Not sure what one I like better actually! The kids all have their own opinions and thankfully with the 10 pack there is enough of a variety that they are all pleased with them. Now to figure out if we are traveling or not and pick our perfect spot! We don’t honestly have far to go to see the total eclipse but my husband has work that day…. you know military life, it waits for nothing, not even the celestial dance that is exciting so many of us! Mission first, as always. Speaking of mission…. NASA!

NASA has put together educational resources that parents, teachers, and homeschool teachers can utilize in helping teach their children about the solar eclipse.  They include activities, worksheets, PDF books, and more to help kids understand the Solar Eclipse. There is even a section of the site dedicated to art work to inspire your little ones to more fully be hands on with the experience. Of course experiments to create your own solar eclipse will go over well!

Of course being a book lover I have to recommend at least a few books too!

Solar Eclipse Book

And a Freebie if you have Kindle Unlimited: How to photograph a Solar Eclipse!

How to photograph solar eclipse

We hope you all get to see this event and that if you do, please keep your eyes safe!

Do you think you will get to see it? 

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