Making Sure Your Pets Are Well Looked After During Your Holiday

Photo credit: Susanne Nilsson


Everyone knows that heading on holiday can get expensive, but it can also mean less convenience if you’re forced to bring your pet with you. This can be fine if camping,  heading to the countryside or some other rural location, but if you’re heading to a metropolitan district can have it’s own pitfalls when bringing your pet along. Not only can they serve as a nuisance, but not looking after them correctly can be quite a dangerous mistake to make as a pet owner, and renders you irresponsible regarding their care.


Therefore, it’s important to make sure you have your pets looked after when you attend your vacation. Here are a few simple tips for how.


Invite A Friend


Inviting a friend to come and look after your home when you’re absent can be the most cost-effective way of making sure your pets and home are watched over. However, you need to ensure that the pets are familiar and friendly with the guest coming to live at your house and that you truly entrust the guest to look after them properly, and not forgo any issue which might mean the ill health of your pooch. Educating them on which medicines to apply, what times the pet usually eats as well as what numbers to ring in the event of an emergency can help your guest feel comfortable in their responsibility.


Giving them a gift or some form of reward for going out of their way is a small price to pay. However, if your pet has some form of nuanced issue that needs taking care of, or you simply want to entrust your pet to the professionals, we would recommend:


Dog Care Centers


Being alone and without you can be a stressful time for a dog. The best way to help the dog adjust during this time, especially during long holidays, is to place them in a dog lodging facility. These facilities often have great teams of trained vets, caring professionals and grooming specialists who can look after your dog and everything that they need for extended periods of time. There is simply no better method of ensuring your dog has everything they need to stay happy in your absence. Giving your dog the opportunity to be social can also help dramatically because dogs who are isolated and only looked after by your friends able to spare a couple of hours here and there for their maintenance can develop depression.


Not only this but sometimes staying at home can render a pet isolated from the outside world. Helping them socialize around other dogs and experience a new environment for a period can help them come out of their shell more, and be more comfortable around dogs of other breeds.


When you return home, you will be greeted with a dog who is happy and excited to see you, just as well maintained as the day you left.


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