5 Vital Considerations For Modern Families Relocating! #Giveaway

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Relocating is a modern consideration todays modern families because life just isn’t for most of us what it was for generations before. Once upon a time our grandparents would finish high school, go to college, get a job, work in that job for possibly their whole lives, and retire. Perhaps they would have a starter home as a young couple in a town near where they were born and then upgrade to better home when as they got more and more promotions over the years. Many people are changing jobs questionable more than ever before and some say todays youth can expect to have up to 15 jobs changes over their careers. Unlike other generations, we are going places, and chasing jobs. With job changes comes relocating! Gone are the days where we just know the best places in our area to move, the best neighborhoods, when we have to move to a whole other state! So what are the vital considerations for Modern Families Relocating these days? Are they the same as they always have been? Location Location Location? Perhaps…. but perhaps not! What Realty secrets are out there now adays?

As my not so little military family gets ready for yet another move I find myself talking to a lot of other people as always about relocating and how often so many families both military and not go through this. After 13 moves now in the last 19 years you think we would be experts, but there is always something more to learn. As my husband and I consider civilian jobs soon and what states we might consider moving to, and then what cities and so forth one thing is clear, like many, we are expecting to go where it pays best but other things can be more important than just money. A home that isn’t right can make everything rather miserable!

One thing I learned, while you can learn a great deal about a possible area online and by joining local online communities, the real estate agents know what is going on and you just have the find the right one to get real with you! It is great having a friend in Realty as she always knows what is going on!

So what has changed?

Safety – We know have sites that can track crimes in neighborhoods and when ever we move I try to consider these carefully. They are a fantastic asset. Of course the internet doesn’t always give the full story so getting out and seeing the neighborhood is invaluable. If you can’t do it, sometimes a Realtor or friend or even new friend you meet online will get photos for you, or do a live video chat. You will be looking for homes with bars on the windows, yards not taken care of, how many homes have security systems? You need the full picture! Personally on my last move, this was my biggest mistake. I thought the crime was higher a few neighborhood over, the yards were nice, but some neighbors had bars on their windows, near everyone had a security system, and what no photos could show was that our back yard was the through way for local kids with other neighbors having broken fences. All this to say, I should have seen the break in coming! Also, getting a security system ourselves was worth every penny. Points to the homes with systems already that will save you thousands!

Schools and Education – This hasn’t changed much as a consideration for families. Only now there are more options out there and more things to consider. Some schools that rank well seem to do things to move special needs students from their rosters, some of the schools with great programs have no buses and with busy parents those are needed. Some people just can’t survive the drop off lines. So a schools academic rank is no longer the only thing to consider. With homeschooling growing as an option and each state having different laws it is important to know what your options are and if there are local groups for learning adventures and expert classes. Some schools have free public school online and some older students use this to go to classes at night and work during the day. There are more options than ever before and each area holds different considerations.

Buying a House to Sell – Knowing statistically you might have to move it is important to keep in mind if the house you are buying will be a great investment to possibly sell or rent out in the future. If you don’t know what is trending for buying, ask a Realtor about Realty secrets! You could by a house that will still be perfect to sell in 5 years or you could by something that needs just a few updates and double your money on the investment. In so many places now giving a home a dedicated outdoor recreational space increases homes value and it doesn’t even have to be big. In many cases people want eco-friendly options in the home and they just aren’t finding them so you could be the house that gives it to them while loving it yourself while you live there. If you adore the house and have to move, consider renting it out to come home to later! Homes no longer tie people down like they once did.

Recreation for Kids – After all the moves, one thing is clear, recreation for the kids matters. We live in a city with a high crime rate and will be glad to be moving from it. One thing we notices was that there isn’t a lot of good clean fun for kids here. No zoo, no aquarium, few public parks and play grounds and few affordable classes. Not to mention public transportation issues. With crime being an issue most parents don’t want kids walking places either, and bored kids can sometimes get into trouble. So finding an area with a lot of things to keep kids excited about, a lot of places to buy family memberships to science museums and the like, is fantastic. You don’t have to live very close to these things but they matter. For a young family, the park really actually matters. Kids these days are not as active as their grandparents were at this age, and we have to actively make sure they get outside and that is increasingly hard to do when there is no “outside” to go to! Sites like Family Days Out can you help you find what is available in any given area, so say you are considering Ohio, just go to the site and search Family Activities in Ohio and find things to do in say Cincinnati, or by zipcode!

Family Adventure in Ohio

 Can you De-Stress There? – Stress makes everything in life worse and only you know what stresses you out the most. Is it a long commute? Perhaps a long drive after work on nice back roads helps you let go of the work day so you can be more focused on home life when you get there. Maybe that time is used to listen to NPR or a pod cast you never have time for. Maybe you just want to use that time to jam out. Maybe what stresses you though is having a million places to take all the kids and having it so spread out. El Paso Texas is so spread out and I remember being so stressed about having to get my oldest daughter to Cheer practice on one side of it to Girl Scouts on the other. As for the home itself, it should make you smile! If you need a lot of space, make it a priority, if you need a big back yard with a fence so kids can play and you can make dinner without having to helicopter over them, find that! The point being, make a list of what stresses you out, and what helps you unwind and make those points a priority. The best job in the world means little when your home makes you miserable.

When buying, the bath tub matters!

It isn’t snobbery to say that a big tub is a must!

waterfront home buying

Some people need to be near water to me happy!

Where do you need to be to be happy? 


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  1. Joanie Galion says:

    To stay organized I label all boxes and try and unpack as I go.

    • That has been one of our biggest issues! We didn’t unpack after out last move a year ago much at all. Only I can’t find my normal coffee maker or rolling pins! LOL I have no idea what boxes they got put into but clearly not in the ones still in the garage labeled “Kitchen” so now we are repacking and organizing everything for this coming move!

  2. If you are considering moving to a new area, read up on the local papers, etc., to find out what is going on in the area. For instance, where we are, if people bought some years ago, they would have found out a town center was going to be developed, which has made it a popular place and upped the property values greatly where you can walk to the town center where there are now all kinds of shops and activities!

  3. Jason Malone says:

    I agree!

  4. Ajay Ralleta says:

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  5. I was going to say read up on the area you are moving, like in newspaper. However someone already said.

    • Great minds think alike? I hadn’t thought of that actually as I thought it would be a lot of time spent with little gained. Like digging to find out about building plans making certain areas better than others in the future, but an agent would know that and share it, I would think. However there might be some great tidbits that make you love a place in a newspaper. Scary stuff though too that perhaps you should know! It is a good suggestion!

  6. Noelle Carroll says:

    When we move I make sure to label all the boxes and stay organized, and when we are ready to unload the house, I do room by room to make sure each room is organized and not chaotic

  7. Steve Weber says:

    I wish I had a secret.. I would say the final offer is NEVER the final offer.

  8. Take your time with moving and don’t make rushed decisions, do your research carefully about where you want to move.

  9. Amber Hites says:

    All I know is – “It’s all about curb appeal!” So they say! Lol
    Thanks for having this giveaway!

  10. I made a moving binder this time where I kept track of each box and it’s general contents. I also numbered the boxes by room, so 1A was living room, 1B was kitchen, etc. It worked out perfectly when hunting for things during unpacking.

  11. Faïza Lam says:

    Thanks for sharing this giveaway!

  12. Holly Thomas says:

    When you are moving to a new area don’t just check it out during the day you also must check it out during the night.

  13. Robin Abrams says:

    When moving I pack 1 room at a time and make sure I label the box clearly with room and list of items. It makes it so much easier

  14. You should do some research about the new community your moving to!

  15. My key to movie is orginization!.

  16. Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. My best advice is to remain calm and keep things organized. It’s a hectic time but won’t last forever!

  18. Julie Terry says:

    My best advice, is to be as organized as possible, researching local activities and learning about the area you are moving to, as a former military wife, I always googled every area we were moving too, to learn all I could about the area, from what there is to do, to schools, and even what may not be so great about the area.

  19. Try to think everything through on a calm relaxed mind

  20. Juanita May says:

    I label each box with the room that it goes into, and make sure that I pack a small toolbox at the very last so I have it first thing when we get there, because it always seems we need one!