Check The 4 Wheeler’s Tires Regularly

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For parents, getting kids outside to enjoy the sun and the dirt is becoming more of a challenge and a priority. Some are jumping into the 4 Wheeler world to accomplish this all important goal of being outside in nature with their kids and they are having a tremendous amount of fun doing it!

For those who have invested a big sum in a four wheeler or ATV, they will want the four wheeler to be in good shape for as long as it can last. So in order to keep the machine in tip top condition, most of the owners will carried out the regular minor maintenance stuff on their own. Having kids help with this can be of great benefit to their young minds too, and help them later in life with car maintenance that will will need to know as well! The four wheeler will only be sent to the repair shop if there is a major breakdown. Doing your own regular maintaining on the four wheeler could help cut cost and save a lot of time. It is also great bonding time with kids!

If you have the knowledge and experience and don’t mind getting grease and dirt on you, you can actually help prevent unnecessary breakdown in the long run. Simple routine maintenance like changing the fluids and oil can be easily done by you without having to send it to the workshop. If you don’t know how, youtube can teach just about anything these days and it would be great for your child to see you learning something new.

It would be foolish of the owner to keep using his four wheeler and never bother to check or change the oil. Even a simple machine will need to be oiled regular to keep it running smoothly. Checking and changing oil can be done by following the owner’s manual and the instructions printed in the manual. The manual will instruct you on how to check the oil, and how often to change the oil and what oil type is recommended for your machine. Learning and working on a 4 wheeler is good hands on STEM activities for kids too!


As far as possible wash off the mud and dirt sticking on the machine because in the long run, the mud and dirt will cause rust to eat into metal of your machine. This is a great chore for kids to do! Also make regular checks on the air filter and belt. Change them whenever necessary. Dirty air filter and worn out belt will affect the performance of the machine and might cause serious damage to the other parts of the machine.

Tires play an important safety role. Check the threads of the tires to make sure that it is not bald or when it is time to change new tires. Good quality tires can be costly. To get cheap 4 wheeler tires, you can check out the various online websites selling good quality tires for their sales season. Remember to check that the tires are not under inflated or over inflated. These will affect the life span of the tires and may even cause accident. It is good to have a tire pressure gauge to check the tire pressure whenever you are filling in petrol at the petrol kiosk. When kids are on machines of course the highest priority is safety! Get outside and have fun!


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  1. CHecking tires is important.