How To Live A Fancy Lifestyle On A Budget


So you want to upgrade your life? The buy one get one free microwave meals just aren’t cutting it anymore huh? Well, a lot of people associate luxury with caviar and champagne, and don’t forget the private jets. But is that the true definition? Or is it a feeling instead?


Maybe luxury means being able to experience new things and travel around the world whenever you wish. Being able to have a new fresh bouquet of flowers on the table every week. And taking bubble baths with scented candles and some of your favourite music playing in the background.


The truth is, luxury has nothing to do with how much money resides in your bank account. Net worth isn’t what counts; it’s the self-worth. It’s deciding to treat yourself because you deserve it. – Here’s how you can do that on a budget.




Go off-season.

If you take a trip off-season, you are guaranteed to find gorgeous places for around 50% cheaper because you aren’t having to share your holiday with hundreds of others.


Live large for less.

If you plan on going on a fancy vacation, choose a country where the dollar goes a long way. Big doesn’t always mean the most expensive, there are plenty of cheap beauties around the world.


Use credit card perks.

If you want to fly in style, use up your credit card points to get bonuses and discounts. If you’re a regular traveller, you may even benefit from amazing perks for free.


Nice luggage.  

Shop online to find some luxury leather goods that you can put all of your personal belongings inside, in style. Remember that it’s quality, not quantity, and a bag that costs $100 will last far longer than a bag that was $15.


It’s the little things.

A city like Venice is known for it’s fancy, lavishing vibe, so you don’t necessarily need to stay in expensive hotels or eat at Michelin star restaurants, because the city itself is enough.





Buy drugstore makeup.

You don’t need to spend thousands when they sell wonderful cosmetics at the drugstore. They may be far cheaper, but it doesn’t mean they’re not as good. Try them out and see for yourself.


Buy top-shelf polish.

You don’t have to go and pay professionals to do your nails. Instead, buy the best brand of polish that will coat your nails perfectly and last a lifetime.


Pamper your brushes.

When you apply makeup, make sure to clean your brushes properly to give you the best results. The brushes will be soft, smell delicious, and will keep your skin from breaking out.


Coconut oil.

This. Is. A. Godsend. You can use it as a face mask, hair conditioner, makeup remover, cuticle cream, cooking ingredient, and so much more. All while smelling divine.


Get student massages.

Massage schools are always on the lookout for volunteers for their trainees to practise on… Do I need to say anymore?


Be a hair model.

The same goes for your hair. Trainees always need new people to come in, and if you get lucky, you can have a wash, cut, colour and blow-dry for pennies, compared to the hundreds of dollars it would normally cost you.


Drink lots of water.

Looking and feeling incredible all starts with what you put into your body, and water is a magical potion that should be drunk all through the day, every day.




Rent a dress.

If you have a special event coming up, or a wedding, or a birthday party, treat yourself to a $1000 dress for a change, but don’t worry, you don’t have to buy it. Rent it instead!


Become an expert thrifter.

You would be surprised by the treasures you can find at the thrift stores. Unique art, designer shoes, vintage clothing, and so much more. Take a hundred bucks and a friend, and see how many amazing items you can find. Expect to return home with bags full.


Hire a personal stylist.

If you have tons and tons of clothes, but have no idea how to wear them right – call in a professional. They help you figure out your own personal style, and you’ll be saving money on all the wrong clothes you were about to purchase.


Tailor your clothes.

Invest in a few tailor-made pieces. This will make them last longer and look a lot better. Plus they’ll appear more expensive because they fit you so perfectly.


Fake diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Let’s be honest, who can actually tell the difference? If you want a pretty piece of jewellery to shine beautifully in the light – fake diamonds work wonders.


Buy a beautiful silk slip.

Wearing a silk slip underneath cheaper clothes will not only make them sit better on your body, but it will also feel wonderful on your bare skin.

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Paint your front door.

All it will cost you is a tub of paint, and you get to have creative freedom to decorate your door however you see fit. Go wild and show off your personality.


Create a home bar.

Who doesn’t want their own bar at home? The perfect place to keep your favourite liquors and mixers. Throw in a couple frosted glass decanters, and your class will jump sky high.


Buy a duplex.

If you wanted to buy a house but realise the mortgage is just too much, have a look at duplexes instead. You will have all the benefits that a homeowner has, minus all of the financial stress.


Have a bath spa.

All you need is bubbles, incense sticks, candles and music, and you have just created your very own bath spa. Finish it off with a glass of bubbly and a side of strawberries, and free your troubles away.


Take amazing showers.

If you’re having to deal with a weak shower, switch the head for a powerful one, and add a water filter while you’re at it. This will help keep your skin soft and cared for.


Splurge on bathroom accessories.

Change your toilet paper holder from that grubby plastic one to a silver frame, or a rustic wooden style instead. Who knew how pretty you could make toilet roll look!


Fast internet and premium channels.

No need to wait a week for your favourite shows like everyone else. Just tap in your password and get access to the lastest channels whenever you choose.


Buy original art.

Don’t get that poster that is plastered all around Ikea – where’s the originality in that? Instead look for a unique, one of a kind piece from an upcoming local artist. Not only are you helping someone’s career, but it could be worth an awful lot one day…


Replace your sofa legs.

You don’t need to change the whole sofa if you aren’t ready to let it go, just switch up the legs to give it a new and improved look.


Get a mattress topper.

Mattresses can be expensive, so if you’re not ready to splurge on a brand new one just yet, invest in a mattress topper instead so you sleep like royalty.


Get mood lighting.

If you didn’t already know, the power of lights are immense, and they can entirely change the look of a room. So shop for some new lights, shades and lamps to create a new luxurious vibe.



Entertainment and dating


Go to art exhibition openings.

If you enjoy art, then you’ll love the experience and atmosphere of an art exhibition. There are plenty around; you just have to look in the right places. Have a look online – it’s a great excuse to dress up and indulge in free wine and cheese.


Visit open houses.

If you always dream of owning a house but aren’t ready to commit, take trips to open houses in your area. Not only is it something to do and visually beautiful, but you may just get inspired.


Plan a high-class picnic.

It’s so simple to do, all you need is a cute wicker basket, some cheeses, bread, and wine. Then just wait for the sun to show its face, and you’re good to go.


Indulge in free luxury experiences.

Have a look for free nights out in your area. This can be anything from a production in the theatre, to a museum, or even an event thrown in the local park or social centres.


Bring your own wine.

Believe it or not, for a small fee you’re able to bring along your own bottle of something. Although you have to pay for corkage, it’ll work out to be a whole lot cheaper than a bottle they’re offering at the restaurant or event.


Watch a sunset at the beach.

It’s free guys – doesn’t cost you a single penny, and yet it’s a beautiful thing to do, especially if you’re with your other half. Take a load off, slow down, and enjoy the nature that we are surrounded by.


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