Pets, Owners, And A Clean House

Girl Loves Her Dog


Pets are a fantastic addition to a household. They are cute, cuddly, and the kids love them like a sibling. Let’s face it, though – they have their moments. Every pet/homeowner knows one thing, and that is that animals are dirty. It doesn’t matter how much you look after them because pets lock onto filth and grime like a homing beacon. Of course, the home suffers as a result.


If you’re sick and tired of living in an unruly house, it’s time to fight back. This is how pet owners can keep their homes clean and tidy all year round.


Little And Often


The first thing to do is accept that the house will never be spotless. There will always be hair or fur balls lying around, and that is a fact. Still, you can limit the damage by tidying the house little and often. Forget about a big, deep clean because it’s too much hassle. Instead, vacuum, brush the floors and wipe down the surfaces once a day for no more than ten minutes. The method helps you keep on top of the constant mess and stops it from escalating out of control. Throw in a spring clean once a month and the house should gleam.


Set Boundaries


Are you the type of person who lets their pet sleep in the bed or lay on the sofa? If the answer is yes, you are only making things worse. There are areas of the house that can stay clean as long as you set boundaries. Dogs which don’t get on the furniture won’t leave dirty marks or dog hair behind. The same goes for the bed. Also, don’t let them into the house until they are respectable. Dogs love water, so a rub down with a towel is essential before they bound into the living room.


Sleeping Puppy


Clean Up Their Mess


This is both literal and figurative. Untrained pets might dirty the floor, and it needs picking up as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the stronger the smell will get. For cats, either cover the litter box or empty it on a regular basis. Otherwise, the same applies. There are pets which like to create a mess without resulting in biological warfare. The clichés, such as dogs chewing shoes and cats scratching furniture, are genuine and need stopping. A scratch pole goes a long way, as does an old shoe which no one wants. The rest need to go in a wardrobe out of their reach.


Bathe Them


Unlike people, pets don’t need to wash every day. Indeed, there are adult humans who don’t shower on a daily basis. Still, they can’t go weeks without a bath or a shower. As a rule, it’s best to get them into a tub of water at least once a week, even more if they are muddy. With a touch of shampoo, lots of water and some tender loving care, they’ll come up trumps. They’ll smell amazing, too.


The house will never be spotless, but it won’t be a pigsty either, and that’s better than nothing.

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  1. Its great to have a pet in the house.