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When a baby is born, love and adoration is lavished on the new baby and the mother. The mother has just had a human emerge from her body, and admiration pours in from every angle because of the most amazing thing that has just happened. The baby is new, exciting and just so precious that people can’t help but want to be around it. But what about Dad?

Dad Loves Baby

Fathers are an integral part of life; without them, women wouldn’t have the baby they just birthed. Unfortunately, Dad is usually pushed to the side lines after labour; people would rather hear the gory details about childbirth and the feeding pattern of the baby than hear what Dad has been up to. If you haven’t heard, the latest trend is a push present for Mom, which you can read more about here. In essence, it’s a gift that Dad gives to Mom, to thank her for what her body has been through and the gift of a living child she has brought forth. What if there were push presents for Dad, too? He didn’t push out a baby, sure, but he would have been there as a moral support, holding her hand and holding back her hair while Mom brought life into the world. If you want to give your husband a gift after the birth of a baby but are stuck for ideas, check out our list below; you can bet you’ll find something perfect!

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Personalised T-Shirt. Whether he’s a first time Dad or an old hand, a t-shirt like this one to show off his new status is always well received. You can go one better and get a matching t-shirt and onesie for the baby so they can show off together. Cheesy? Yes. Necessary? Absolutely!


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Shaving Gifts. Dad’s usually sit with Mom through the many hours and sometimes days in labour. Handing over the best Panasonic shaver you can find so he can tidy up his facial hair and look presentable for those pictures you want taken is going to make him feel like he has a chance to take a little pride in his appearance. Hygiene as a parent is hard enough, so make it easier on him!


Car Gift. If he loves his wheels and is headed back to work soon, why not go for a personalised license plate like this one? Advertising his new Dad status is just part of the fun!

Daddy Hero

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Fun Gifts. There are plenty of gifts suitable for men on the market, but what you need is one of these Survival Kits for Dads. Packed full of things that every new Dad needs, it’s a lovely bit of fun for the new Daddy in the house!

Your life will change with a new baby, but while you are in the fug of hormones after baby is born, don’t forget Dad, either. He will play a huge role in the life of your child and together, you can enjoy these early sleepless days!


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