Sports and Activities That Might Improve Your Kids’ Self-Discipline

Kids drive us mad, but we wouldn’t last a moment without them! The younger they are, the harder it is for them to regulate themselves – the volume of their voice, the ways they use their bodies, and the amount of time they can sit still to do their homework! Self-discipline is something that develops over the years. It takes time, and it also takes practice. Beyond this, you and your child’s teachers can work together to help your kids learn how to take more control over their impulses:



Taking dance classes is easy enough. There are plenty to choose from in every town and city. However, despite the provision for tiny tots, not all kids are ready to be taught in a formal lesson structure that early on. Look for classes that allow the kids to express themselves through movement. Don’t forget – staying still and using tiny movements should be part of any dance too. This will help your kids focus on controlling their bodies.




Taking instrumental lessons at a young age is tough for a child. It is the ultimate challenge in multi-tasking. They have to read music, move their fingers, listen to the sounds, and make musical sense. It’s a brain strain for them! Older children, however, get a lot more from these lessons because of the practice required between each one. Self-led practice won’t always give the best results, but you’ll find over time, these are the kids that find exam revision easier to stomach!



Karate is one of those activities that help a child let everything out. The movements and the breathing involved can help a child let go of anxieties and frustrations in a safe and supportive environment. Martial Arts like Karate may not be a parent’s first choice, but children’s classes are very safe and surprisingly structured. This can help a child learn the self-discipline to control their bodies to perform quite complex actions.



As a team sport, soccer is ideal for helping kids understand more about sharing. After all, everyone wants a kick of the ball. But when they work together as a team, each will get their go. The drills and practice sessions are ideal for refining gross motor skills. Most importantly, verbal instructions are relayed when the instructor might not be in their line of sight. This can encourage better listening skills too.

Soccer Kids



More and more schools are using adapted versions of Yoga poses to help kids relax and focus. The breathing techniques used are ideal for calming a bunch of kindergarteners down at the end of the day! Of course, they can be used at any age to help reduce stress and re-energize weary kids. The enhanced level of focus they can achieve could also help when it comes to tests or learning tricky concepts. Best of all, kids can adopt these skills to help themselves when they feel frustrated or upset.


Kids need to learn how to become more independent. This includes self-control and self-discipline. Tasks like studying, team sports, and self-guided learning can all be improved with these activities. Which will your child participate in?


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