Surviving Baby’s First Road Trip

Family Mountain Drive


Your first road trip as a family is sort of like a Rite Of Passage that all parents have to undertake and enjoy at some stage in their parental careers. It is just something that you have to leap into, brave with all your might and prove that these kinds of fun adventures aren’t over with just because you have a little sleep thief in your life now. Unfortunately, it can be all too easy to use the whole young child thing as an excuse. That is why we are urging you not to fall into this trap.


Perhaps you have a friend’s wedding a couple of hundred miles up the coast. Maybe a relative is celebrating a milestone birthday and you would kick yourself for missing it. Perhaps you just want to prove that being a parent doesn’t have to be boring by heading to Stone Mountain. Whatever it is, take the leap.


We know this is easier said than done so, to help you, we have come up with a few pieces of advice to inspire you and make it as smooth as possible. Enjoy the adventure.

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Never Pack On The Day

One of the main reasons why parents panic and give up on the idea of a road trip is because babies and children come with more gear than a touring rock band. It is basically a recipe for stress. That is why we urge you to pack the car the night before. That way you will be giving yourself time to think of anything you may have forgotten, while also reducing the anxiety caused by the ticking clock. Yup, you’ll be able to get away bang on time (or just half an hour late, which is still a win in parenting terms).


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You’re Going To Stop Frequently

If you want to stay healthy, awake, cramp free and sane, then you are going to want to stop pretty frequently. At least once an hour, ninety-minutes maximum. To make this the best experience possible, grab yourself a car seat-stroller combo, in which you can see which is the best of the bunch at Inner Parents. This will make it so much easier to escape the car and go for a little stroll. Nothing beats a stretch of the legs. Just make sure you use these stops to full effect by changing your baby’s diaper and feeding them. Then, once you’re all full of coffee and chips, head off on the road once more. No tears and no tantrums. That’s a win.


No Such Thing As Shotgun

If you’re literally road-tripping with a baby then a) you are awesome and b) you will probably be using a rear-facing baby seat, which means you will want to take it in turns with the driving so that one of you can sit in the back with them. That way you will be able to tend their every need and not be panicking about anything. The front seat should then be used to store things like toys, pacifiers, bottles, snacks and anything else you consider to be essential.

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  1. Glad you survived that first road trip.