The Amazing Inventions That Have Enhanced The Life Of Your Cat

The most amazing thing about cats is their ability to amuse themselves. You don’t have to take them for walks, play a game of fetch with them or quietly seethe as they venture into a pond only to force you to endure a ‘wet dog’ smell for the rest of the weekend. Our feline buddies are happy to chill out in our humble abodes, coming and going through the cat flap as they please, without needing to bother their human owners too much. Welcoming a cat into your home is like having a new family member. You will care for him, make memories with him and the whole family will adore him.



We Love To Treat Our Feline Friends


Cats do get spoilt. The vast array of technologically advanced gadgetry marketed towards moggies as well as feline specific toys, clothing and furniture can enhance the life of your cat. Craft sellers now make bespoke and personalised cat beds. It’s easy to pop down to your local pet store and pick up some gourmet fillet of monkfish cat treats. Our cats are treated like kings and queens.


The one thing that doesn’t just enhance your cat’s life, but also yours is the way in which your cat can now take his medicine. Gone are the days of force feeding your cat a giant and nasty tasting pill. The trauma of witnessing your cat gag as he swallowed his medicine was heartbreaking. Now all you have to do to administer the best flea medicine is to squeeze a tiny pipette of liquid onto the back of his neck. This has reduced the distress to your cat, it’s quick and easy, and your cat has his optimum flea protection.


The Twenty First Century Cat


As we have learned more about our moggy pals, we can cater for their needs more. We know that they need to be constantly stimulated or they can sink into a kitty depression. We choose to purchase the most advanced games to stimulate their minds such as feline whack-a-mole and the nifty little LED gadget where your cat can spend hours chasing a tiny red light never knowing that you are the one in control.


For all the technological advances in cat gizmos, the chances are that your moggy will love nothing more than finding his way inside a box, playing with some string or sitting on your lap and purring away contently while you provide him with chin rubs.




Kitty Cuisine


The range of gourmet food that has been invented to enhance your cat’s diet is astonishing. It’s now possible to get hold of a tuna loin for your cat that has been specially created with added nutrients and ingredients to lessen hairballs and stimulate a shinier coat. Cat treats are no longer unhealthy nuggets of fat and crude ash, but contain hearty pieces of meat and are designed in such a way that they prevent tooth decay and gum disease.


With these amazing leaps forward in feline gadgets, toys, medicine and food, our cats are more pampered and looked after than ever before. As cat owners, we love any opportunity to make sure that our cat is a content and happy pet.


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