Tips to Help Teach Your Kids About Their Dental Health

We’ve all heard of the tooth fairy story; we lose a tooth when we’re young, we place it under our pillow and the next morning there’ll be some kind of gift waiting for us in exchange for our baby teeth. While it’s a cute story that can persuade children to take better care of their teeth, the reality is that we can’t always convince our children to do something in exchange for gifts or toys. Sooner or later, they’ll have to realise that taking care of your teeth is something that demands long-term attention due to the effects dental hygiene has later on in your life.


While some parents prefer to wait a little longer, it doesn’t mean you can’t show them the reality of bad dental care early on in their life. Think of it as a way to scare them a little, just like the old boogeyman stories or ghost tales that you might tell your children; only this is real!




Get Your Kids the Same Tools You Use


Whether it’s a kids electric toothbrush, dental floss or a tongue scraper, make sure you buy smaller kid-friendly versions of the same things you use so they can learn from you. This will convince your children to take up better oral health and it’s also a good chance to bond with your kids and teach them some of the tips and tricks that you’ve learned over the years regarding your teeth. Teach them how to use the electric toothbrush, upgrade it as they become more accustomed to it and teach them how to floss properly. Give them small dental picks first and then work your way up to the actual floss itself.


Let Your Child Pick the Toothpaste


There are many different kid-friendly toothpastes out there. Some have unique designs, other taste fruity or sweet, and some are endorsed by their favourite characters and superheroes. Let them pick the toothpaste they want when you go shopping so they have a connection with their brushing. If you can find unique and colourful toothbrushes too, then don’t hesitate to purchase one for your child if it helps to get them in the mood for dental care. This can make brushing a little more interesting for your children and helps them invest their time and effort into taking care of their teeth.


Teach Them About the Foods They Eat


Taking care of your teeth is a lot about the types of foods you eat. Eating far too many sweets will ultimately lead to a toothache and a dentist visit, and forgetting to drink water can sometimes leave nasty bacteria and bits of food lodged in your mouth. Teach your children about the foods they eat and the effects it has on their mouth. If you need a more drastic measure, then consider showing them pictures of what teeth look like after years of chugging soda and sweets. It’s a little scary—but it’s usually enough to put them off eating too many sweets!

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