What To Get Your Teen When It’s Time To Graduate


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When you’ve spent over ten years guiding and supporting your child through different areas of their education, it can feel bittersweet when their graduation day creeps closer. On the one hand, you’re so pleased, proud, and excited that they’re almost ready to graduate – especially if they’re graduating with incredible grades. But on the other hand, it can mark a sad moment for you as you realize they’re going up and going on to college. So how are you supposed to mark such a momentous occasion? After thirteen years of schooling, here are some worthy ideas to inspire you.


A Keepsake


One of the first things that you could go for would be completely person to them, or even to the both of you. You may want to go for a kind of keepsake to remind them of their schooling years. Whether you go for something engraved or purposely made, you will find that they’ll be touched by the thought that you’ve put into their graduation gift.




Next, we’re on to a big favorite with parents come graduation. Jewelry graduation gifts are always a great idea. Your kids will love them, and you will know that you’ve given them something special to mark the occasion. For girls, you might like to go with earrings or a ring, something that they can take through life with them. With boys, you might like to go with a watch, or even something like a ring or bracelet if they’re keen on jewelry and would love something to mark the occasion.



An Experience


But sometimes, a physical gift isn’t quite what you want. Whether it’s not your style, or you can’t think of anything that they would like, you may want to go with an experience instead. But, again, the exact experience that you choose might be down to their or your personal preference. Some great ideas here would be a vacation or a trip to somewhere that they’ve always wanted to go. Or maybe you could even organize a day out for the entire family. Sometimes, sporting experiences can work really well here too if it’s something that your kid has always been interested in.


A College Goodie Bag


Next, you might want to think about going with a little goodie bag for college. You’re always going to want to make sure that they have everything they need for college, but these things are always necessities. So, it may be fun to pull together a hamper with different pieces inside. You could put personalized bedding or room accessories, customized koozies, and even monogrammed stationery. If this is the kind of thing your kid would love, there would be no better gift.


A Car


Finally, if you want your gift to be big, bold, and incredible – especially if you’ve been saving for it for a while, you may want to go with a car. If you didn’t get them a car when they learned to drive, and if they are going to college across the country, opting for the gift of a car for their graduation present could be quite perfect indeed.


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