Showing kids you don’t have to trash everything, you can fix things!

USB WiFi Easy Upgrade old computer

In a single generation we seem to have went from a time when people bought things intended to last a very long time and when those things no longer worked, effort and care would go into fixing them. Be it cars, vacuums, radios, shoes, and of course technology. Alas, we now seem to live in […]

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New Beautiful Smooth Yummy Coffee – Simply Great Coffee


Science is clear, coffee helps us out in so many ways! The newest Study shows that coffee can even help us live longer! In this day and age we are blessed with so many coffee options but just who has the best coffee? Everyones tastes are different and so are your needs. Do you have time […]

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A Root & Branch Guide To Tracing Your Family Tree

Making a family tree

Credit   Who we are has a huge bearing on how we look at the world. The traits we might have inherited, the way we think, the way our lives are– everything that we are in the present can trace its roots far into the past.   Most of us have some idea of our […]

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From one small house to another – Holding on to what matters!

This not so little military family of 7 moved yet again and honestly I have lost count of how many moves this now makes in the last 19 years, over a dozen though! We moved from a small cute house in the city, one not safe, (given the break in when we first moved in […]

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Throw Your Child’s Ultimate Graduation Party

Plan Graduation Party

Graduation is an exciting time for everyone, and it only makes sense to want to celebrate it in style. If you are thinking of planning a graduation party for your child, then you will want to make sure that you get it just right. But it can be tricky knowing exactly what you need to […]

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Why You Should Travel for the Experience, Not the Destination


Travelling is a lot of fun, but we fall into the trap of only visiting destinations that are high-up on the list of popular places for tourists to visit. There’s nothing inherently wrong with visiting these destinations, but it does somewhat defeat the joy you can get from travelling. Travel should be an explorative experience. […]

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Tips For Perfecting Laundry For a Big Family!

What is the best washing machine to get 2017

Thank you to Best Buy for sponsoring this timely post!  The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free ~~~~~ Having 5 kids in the house means we have a lot of laundry and over the years we have had some […]

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Make Christmas Fun Again by Planning Ahead This Year

Making Christmas Fun Again

With Christmas just around the corner, many families are scrambling to get all of their decorations, gifts and cards in order. If you’ve ever left these things till the last minute, then you’ll know how a frustrating and expensive it can get. Decorations are usually more expensive when bought last-minute, and deciding on the perfect […]

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School’s Out: The Complete Homeschool Experience

How to start homeschooling

If you are thinking of homeschooling your children, then you are probably keen to figure out what the best way to approach the subject is. Many parents who turn to homeschooling are understandably struck by something of a worry. After all, how can you be sure you are going to do it just right, and […]

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Staying Fashionable on a Frugal Budget


Fashion is a way to express yourself. It’s a way to show what you believe in, show your interests and even show off your favourite colours. Some people will wear all black, others love to mix loud colours, and some prefer subtly in their fashion. Whatever you chose to wear, everyone has a fashionable mind. […]

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Get The Best Online Learning App

Best Online Learning Apps

  What is online learning? Online learning is studying for an internationally recognized qualification without having to attend classes on the actual campus. The materials are delivered online through the internet. Many have benefited from online learning especially those who have studied for a postgraduate qualification while holding a full time job. Online learning is […]

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Use Spending App To Manage Your Finance

save money apps

  Currently, there are many budgeting or spending apps trackers for iOs and Android devices. More people especially those from the younger generation, are now depending on these budgeting or spending apps to help them stay on track financially and to keep their budget balanced. With these modern apps, users can say goodbye to messy […]

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What Happens at a Scrapyard?

    As car sales are rising, naturally, more cars will be ending up in scrap heaps. It is estimated that there are more than one million cars crushed per year.   Peter Quinn, owner of Emerald Car Sales believes that the rise in car scrappages will affect the car sales industry as part exchanges […]

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Top 5 City Cars

  As one of the most popular vehicle types nowadays, the amount of city cars on offer can be overwhelming. There are number of factors to consider, which might help you to narrow down your search, including: size, weight, handling ability, aesthetics, and comfort. The list below, constructed by Gareth Mason of Mason Motors features […]

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Fall is a Fantastic Time for Potty Training Fun

Toddler Life - When to Potty Train

    The weather is finally changing, the leaves are finally changing, and we too must change! Our youngest of 7 children is showing signs of being ready for a new adventure! Potty Training Time! While some parents love summer for potty training as they let their little ones run around naked, I find the […]

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Gifts For Guys: Shopping Made Simple!

gaming gifts for guys

Do you find it almost impossible to come up with original ideas for male relatives or a partner every year? For some reason, buying gifts for guys seems to be a lot harder than buying for sisters, moms and female friends. The good news is that this doesn’t have to be the case. We’ve put […]

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Buying a Gift for the Most Difficult Person in Your Life

gifts for someone impossible to shop for

  We all have that one person in our life; the one who no matter how hard you try, you can never seem to take by surprise with a great gift that they truly love. Sure, they’ll make all the right noises and show their appreciation as best they can, but you know deep down […]

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Coming Of Age: Gifts For When Your Kids Become Adults

Silver Heart Lock

As parents, we do our level best to prepare our kids for the future that awaits them. If we do our job well, they’ll go out into the world and make us even more proud of them than we already are. As they get towards adulthood, sure, they’ll give us some sleepless nights — but […]

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Even Parents Need a Break: Canada Just Might Be the Best Idea You Ever Had

Even Parents Need a Break: Canada Just Might Be the Best Idea You Ever Had     Summer break seems like about a year ago and winter break is so far away it’s just a dot in the distance. Time to distract yourself from the everyday pressure of family life and book your next vacation! […]

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How to Make Sure Your Kids and Your Pets Get On

Pets and Kids

    Every parent and animal lover wants to make sure that their children and their pets get on. Unfortunately, however, both children and pets can be quite temperamental and hard work at times.   Here’s a quick set of tips for ensuring harmony in the household between your beloved pups and your animal companions. […]

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