Coming Of Age: Gifts For When Your Kids Become Adults

As parents, we do our level best to prepare our kids for the future that awaits them. If we do our job well, they’ll go out into the world and make us even more proud of them than we already are. As they get towards adulthood, sure, they’ll give us some sleepless nights — but there is also a lot to look forward to as they come of age, ready to make a mark on the world like they already have on your life.


When you have a kid who is ready to jump from adolescence to adulthood, chances are they won’t want you to make a fuss — who among us did, at that age? — but there’s no way you’re not going to want to mark the occasion. This means it’s a time to think about special gifts you can get them; gifts with a little more meaning because of what the moment represents. There are options for all budgets so you don’t need to break the bank– why not see which of these significant keepsakes suits your budget best?


Little Gift: A Key To The Door


Silver Heart Lock


The tradition used to be that when a teenager came of age, they were handed a key to the door of their house. That tradition may not be so prevalent these days; many kids have a key by their early teens now, but the gesture still has meaning. It says “You’re a grown-up now, we trust you”. Even if they do already have a key, you can make it more special with a keychain that has meaning to them; if they love astronomy it can be the shape of a planet; it can be a football if they are into sports.


Bigger Gift: Music


girls best friend technology gift idea


By this age, your son or daughter may already have an MP3 player or a phone that plays music. However, there is always new tech that makes an upgrade a viable gift idea. Tickets for a concert or festival, maybe some headphones or upgrading their phone along with a subscription to a music streaming service, will all be gratefully received.


BIG Gift: A Car


gifting a young adult a car


That special keyring mentioned above will be appreciated however you give it, but all the more so if the first key you put on it is for a new car. Though you won’t want them to drive too far at first, a car is the first real symbol of independence for a lot of us. Sure, a car is a big gift, but it’s also the ultimate coming-of-age present; our first car is a rite of passage that takes us to college, to jobs and to a wider world. Gifting this to your child can be a wonderful way to express your love as they enter a new phase of life.


The above are just a few ideas for ways to mark a special time in the life of your now-not-so-little ones. You may have other ideas, but the main thing is that moving into this new stage of life represents a big step for them and for you, and that merits gifts with big meaning. They don’t need to have a huge price tag attached; it’s more about the thought you put in than the money you spend.

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