Even Parents Need a Break: Canada Just Might Be the Best Idea You Ever Had

Even Parents Need a Break: Canada Just Might Be the Best Idea You Ever Had



Summer break seems like about a year ago and winter break is so far away it’s just a dot in the distance. Time to distract yourself from the everyday pressure of family life and book your next vacation! Ditch the beach resort that’s more rising blood pressure than relaxation and forget theme park hell. Why not visit Canada, the perfect combination of adventure and awe inspiring sights? Here are a few ideas for the family trip of dreams… **insert quote about life being the journey here**



See the Northern Lights in the Yukon


There are only a few spots in the world where you can see the northern lights so take full advantage! The dazzling aurora borealis will light up the sky with flashes of green and neon color and makes for a different experience every time. Late August to Mid April is the best time of year to go, because the summer night skies can be too bright to see it properly.



Take a Historical Hike in Newfoundland


With its exceptional coastal scenery, unique architecture and vibrant culture, not to mention the incredibly friendly locals, Newfoundland makes a great spot for an outdoor adventure. Take a hike along the East Coast Trail, offering views of fjords, cliffs, and sea stacks. You’ll pass Cape Spear, the most easterly point in Canada and, with any luck, you might even spot an iceberg in the distance. Alternatively, take a trek up Signal Hill, famous as the place where the first transatlantic wireless signal was received in 1901. After a full day of adventures, treat yourself to a night of luxury in Marriott Courtyard.



Hit the Slopes in Whistler


Since hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in 2010, people have flocked to the area for ski season, and for good reason. With jagged peaks, tumbling glaciers, and beautiful forests, as well as the neighboring Blackcomb mountain, linked by the Peak 2 Peak gondola, it has the perfect backdrop. Despite the increase in tourism, Whistler still retains the things that give it its charm, including Belgian waffles on the mountain, ski trail maps printed on chair lift safety bars, and “sniffle stations” – boxes of Kleenex placed strategically at the base of the lifts.



Witness the Power of Niagara Falls


With it’s height and width combined, Niagara Falls is the largest waterfall in the world and a must-see destination. Witness the powerful force of nature up close with a white water walk and take part in some of the unusual experiences the area has to offer, such as Niagara’s Fury, a 4D experience where you’ll feel like you’ve actually gone over the falls.



Snorkel with the Beluga Whales in Manitoba


Fancy swimming with the largest group of readily accessible whales on the planet? These gentle giants flock to Hudson Bay, Churchill in their thousands to feed on capelin before heading back to the chilly Arctic waters. Get kitted out in a wetsuit to join them in the water and hear the Belugas sing under water – a truly magical experience for everyone! Or, if you’re not quite that much of a thrill seeker, choose a boat tour such as Lazy Bear Expeditions and watch them curiously swim around you. This area is also known for polar bears, although less likely during the warm whale season, you might get lucky and spot one!



For sunshine and summer hikes, visit between July and August. For snowy slopes, the season is between November and April. Or, if the Beluga Whales is all you’ve taken away from this, make a special trip between May and September.

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