Fall is a Fantastic Time for Potty Training Fun



The weather is finally changing, the leaves are finally changing, and we too must change! Our youngest of 7 children is showing signs of being ready for a new adventure! Potty Training Time! While some parents love summer for potty training as they let their little ones run around naked, I find the summertime too busy to tackle this new task. In fall things seem to settle down a bit, less traveling far. It is a beautiful time enjoy a cozy comfy calm home and learn some new things, like yummy recipes and knitting and being creative. So while we will of course have many grand adventures playing in the leaves and in pumpkin fields and apple orchards, we will also spend a lot of quality time at home. This is the perfect time for us to have this next adventure with Rory, potty training fun!

 When is the right time for potty training? Fall is a great time!

One of the other reasons I know now is the right time is because I can stock up on Pull Ups Plus Training Pants at Costco. They are running instant savings  right now and through October 22,  you get $8.50 off all Huggies Little Snugglers Plus Diapers and Huggies Little Movers Plus Diapers and $7.00 off Pull-Ups Plus Training Pants. One of the things I love about stocking up at Costco for diapers has been saving so many trips out when we run out. One trip and we are set on things for a good long time. I know we will not need to go shopping for Pull Ups Plus often this fall. One trip and we are good to go, one less thing to concern myself about.  Pull Ups are an underwear-like pant designed for Big Kids and their new growing skills transitioning to the potty!

Toddler Life - When to Potty TrainPicking pull ups plus

Of course we took our little one shopping at Costco and our first stop was to stock up on her new Pull Ups Plus! She was interested in both boxes! She struggled to get her first chosen box into the cart and at first didn’t want help. You see when we shop with her, we give her the items to put into the cart. Some items she needs help with though and she is rather independent. Pull Ups Plus help foster independence in little ones and she has that in spades! So then she saw me taking photos and sat down on her box when Daddy when to help her. She was in total control of our shopping experience at that point. She was adorable and luring total strangers in with her cuteness! Thankfully working together she got the boxes in the cart and we could get on with the rest of stalking up at Costco for fall! She is growing up so fast!

little girl picking up pull ups plus box costco

Toddler putting big box in cart costco

Rory adorable toddler shopping costco

So that is our plan, we have used Pull Ups Plus with some of our other children and had great success. Pull Ups Plus help set the tone for change, no longer does she need to lay down to be changed, now she can stand up and slide on and off her Pull Ups Plus while she learns to use her froggy potty! We have a cute little potty song we sing, and a rewards chart  stuck to the wall that she will put stickers on when she is successful! We don’t push, we don’t punish. We work together to figure it out just like when she learned to walk and when she someday learns to ride a bike.  Potty training can seem like a huge task but I promise that with the right outlook, supplies, and plan, it can actually be a great experience that empowers you as a parent and strengthens the bond you and your little one have together, as you help guide them through this change! They grow up so fast. Before you know it, you will have blinked and they will be off to school!Pull Ups Toddler

Toddler Reading Board Book Pull Ups Plus

We are so excited for Fall and the peaceful time of cuddling up together to read great books! Some days it will be me in a comfy chair reading a great book while the kids play and tumble and spin in between reading their great books too. One thing is for sure, change is here! What changes are you looking forward to?

Have you stocked up at Costco? Now is the time!


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  1. What a wonderful idea to get her so involved in tbe decision making! She looks so excited! I hadn’t noticed tnat fall is stock up time for pull ups etc. Good luck this fall with the new adventure.