Have a Healthy Hound By Controlling Their Weight

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention estimates that more than 45 percent of dogs can be said to be overweight or obese. We love our pets, and we can’t resist those puppy-dog eyes, so naturally, we want to slip them a treat now and then. When they tell us they’re hungry, even though we know they’re probably not, it can be difficult to turn them down. But controlling your dog’s weight is for their own good. It helps to keep them generally healthy, preventing health problems. It’s also useful if they ever need to have surgery or other medical procedures, as being overweight can make it more difficult for them. Here’s how you can keep your pooch’s weight at a healthy level.


Keep Their Diet Controlled


Controlling your dog’s diet is the most sensible way of making sure they don’t put on too much weight. You should give them the same amount of food each day at the same time. The food you use will usually have recommended amounts based on weight or age, but if you’re not sure, you can ask your vet. You might also like to use a food puzzler or something similar to make sure your dog eats a little slower. Some breeds, like Labradors, are notorious for eating everything in their sight. Another tip, although it’s hard to resist those eyes, is not to give in and give your dog table scraps.



helping a dog lose weight

Consider Dietary Supplements


Adding supplements to your dog’s diet could help them control their weight, as well improve their health in other ways. There is some evidence that the microbiota in a dog’s gut is linked to obesity, so including probiotics in your dog’s diet could help to control their weight. If you’re wondering what are the best dog probiotics, you can find some great recommendations online. Alternatively, speak to your vet about what they recommend. You could also help to prevent upset stomachs and other digestive issues for your dog.


Avoid Rewarding with Treats (Too Much)


Treats can be a great way to reward your dog when they’re good, but it’s important not to give them all the time. If you’ve ever watched a working dog being trained or doing their job, you’ll notice they don’t get rewarded with treats all the time. Usually, they have a favorite ball or toy instead, so they’re not always gobbling treats on the job. There are other ways to reward your dog when you’re training them or playing with them so you can avoid giving them too many treats. You could also use their dry food as “treats” to feed them dinner and train them at the same time.


Enjoy Plenty of Play and Exercise


Don’t forget that keeping your dog’s weight healthy isn’t just about what they eat. Exercise is important too, for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Some dogs need more exercise than others, and some aren’t very keen on it at all, but they should all get walks or play as much as they’re able. Have fun with your dog and get outside when you can – and if you can’t do it, get someone else to.


A dog at a healthy weight is a happy dog, even if they’re not getting as many treats as they would like. Control your dog’s weight and keep him healthy.

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