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New Science Of Coffee Circle K Simply Great

Science is clear, coffee helps us out in so many ways! The newest Study shows that coffee can even help us live longer! In this day and age we are blessed with so many coffee options but just who has the best coffee? Everyones tastes are different and so are your needs. Do you have time to make the cups of joe you need when you need it or do you have a special place to get that special coffee? Do you feel stuck with crappy coffee to fill your need? You don’t have to be stuck I promise you! Mom’s you have coffee options!

  Coffee makes me a better Mommy!

As a busy Mommy with so many little ones I often struggle to fit everything into the day. Between working at home, homeschooling 4, chasing a toddler, taking kids to activities, exploring and learning together, and making sure the house functions I find I am run down sometimes. Up until recently I wasn’t all that into coffee but after reading so many of the benefits of it I want from drinking costly foofery coffee a few times a week to drinking quick black coffee. Sometimes though I don’t even have time to make it at home, and I don’t love the hassle and cost of many places I could drive thru when out and about. No big deal you say? Just go without? But you see, coffee makes me a better person! Forget the science for a minute, this is something everyone around me has noticed. I always thought that people being grumpy before coffee in the morning but not after was just something silly. I have found this thought to be true. How did I not know this till now? Finally I get it! Coffee really makes me a better Mommy!

So chances are if you are reading this, you already know the love of Coffee. So what beautiful smooth yummy coffee am I talking about? Shouldn’t you know about it already? Maybe…. maybe not. You see these amazing top of the line coffee machines have been installed in a place you might not be aware of, not in a snobby coffee shop or cafe, but rather in a convenient place, a convenience store! Circle K now has Simply Great Coffee! You know what that means, simply and at a great price and there when you need it. No fussing with baristas who don’t get your order right, never mind your name. Simple enough for you to do yourself and be on your way to a better “you” for the day.

Simply Great Coffee Review Blogger Expresso

What does Circle K Simply Great Coffee offer us coffee lovers? Try specialty coffee drinks like lattes, cappuccinos and americanos, all prepared with freshly ground beans and fresh milk.

Beautiful Coffee Machines

New Coffee to love!

The machines are clean and gleaming and so easy to use. It is so quick that going to different stores over and over this past month I have yet to even find a line in my search for my perfect cup!



I love this coffee and love that I can make my own Mocha that is perfect! You can make Hot Chocolate for the kids on the cold mornings too! The prices are great.

You can enjoy any Simply Great Coffee product for less than $3!

  • Small (12 oz.): $2.29
  • Medium (16 oz.): $2.69
  • Large (20 oz.): $2.99
  • Espresso (2 oz.): $1.29

Simply Great Coffee Circle K Cup

The only down side to this coffee that I so much love? The small cups I often can’t find a lid that actually fits, they all seem just a bit too big. Go with the black cups, they are larger and the lids fit perfectly. Also, depending on the day, sometimes I can’t find parking at certain Circle K stores, of course that is also not an issue with the coffee but goodness I wish parking was easy! Don’t we all? Other than that, this coffee is beautifully easy and yummy. I highly suggest trying all if it! Wonderful foofy and wonderful black too!

New Circle K Coffee

I wish I had known about amazing coffee years ago. It might not be my fault though, as per genetic testing people with my combo of genes don’t tend to much drink coffee. I am fighting my genetics though! Why? Because some of the amazing affects of coffee are lower levels of inflammation (something I have long had issues with!), healthier lipid profiles and better glucose control (I need this as I am Type 2 Diabetic) compared with those who don’t drink 2 – 4 cups of coffee a day. I managed to get blood work done before starting my 2-4 cup coffee experiment journey and I hope to after some time get more testing done to show myself if coffee is doing more for me than just making me a better Mommy with more patience and energy! Goodness I love science, and good Coffee!


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    Do you love coffee? Have your tried the new Simply Great Coffee at Circle K yet?

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  1. Circle K does have good coffee at a great price! I always forget about how good their coffee is. I need to stop in and grab a cup the next time I’m passing a Circle K. Those coffee machines are impressive!

  2. If a person enjoys drinking coffee and finds a brand or place they love their coffee by all mans go and enjoy a big steaming cup.

  3. We have a few Circle K around here but I’ve never tried the coffee or coffee drinks. I will and also watch for these on our road trips. Coffee makes everything better.

  4. I do love the smell of coffee but I’ve never liked it. I know tons of people do though! I get my caffeine from Diet Coke.

  5. Funny that I happened to read this today. I was just talking about Circle K! I went to school in Arizona and we would go to Circle K all the time. I miss it! I’m sure they have great coffee.

  6. I live for coffee every morning. I can’t seem to function without it. It looks like Circle K has some great choices when it comes to their coffee station. We just got our first Circle K, I’ll have to run in and grab a cup.

  7. I must admit, I do love a good cup of coffee. We don’t have a Circle K anywhere near me but after looking at your pictures I wish we did. We would love to try it.

  8. Circle K coffee is one of my faves. Large (20 oz.): $2.99 for a cup of coffee is AMAZING! An expresso for just a little over a buck! I love Circle K coffee and visit their coffee and / or soda stations every time we stop to fill up.

  9. I definitely feel great and super productive right after a good coffee! Being able to stop in at anytime for a quick coffee is so nice.

  10. There are some acircle Ks near us. I need to try their coffee out sometime.

  11. A name says it all! Haven’t tried their coffee before so I’ll have to keep an eye out for the brand.

  12. Coffee makes me a much happier person. I don’t think I could go without it. I wish we had a Circle K here, their coffee bar looks amazing!

  13. Now this sounds like a good cup of coffee and a great way to start the day or have a relax with friends while you’re out in town.

  14. This sounds like a coffee I need to try. You KNOW I’m all about that coffee life!

  15. Claudia Krusch says:

    This looks like great coffee. I will have to look for a location near me. I am always looking for new places to try.

  16. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    We are coffee drinkers in this family. I cannot be totally awake until my second cup of coffee in the morning. I will look if there are any Circle K in our area. There should be!

  17. Thank you so much of letting me know that you can get a good cup of coffee at Circle K. I will have to try that sometime. I love my coffee. I believe it is the best beverage ever invented!

  18. I had never thought about Circle K as having good coffee. This is great! I will definitely try it next time I go.

  19. Brett Martin says:

    If coffee can make me live longer, I may be 200 before I’m gone. LOL I drink a lot of it! CIrcle K coffee is one of the best! We frequent them when we’re in the south 🙂