Should You Really Get A Pug?

Think it’s time you treated your family to a cute pet? How about a dog? They are very loyal to their owners and will bring you lots of joy and happiness. But now this leads us onto the next question – which breed of dog do you want?


There are hundreds of breeds of dog out there, and there is no way you will be able to consider them all. That’s why most families consider the most popular dogs at the minute. Right now, there is no breed more popular than the pug. Wondering if this cute little ball of fluff is the right one for your family? Here are some points to help you decide.


Funny Silly Pug Dog


Doesn’t Need Too Much Exercise


Don’t fancy going on big long walks with your new pooch? If not, then the Pug is right up your street! This small breed needs hardly any exercise and won’t mind at all if you want to spend a lazy day on the sofa. They’d love to join you and snuggle up! Just remember that they will still need to be let outside twice a day so that they can do their business. But apart from that, they are a lot happier to sleep and snooze all day than being out and about.


Prone To Fleas


You might think that long-haired pups would be a lot more prone to fleas, but that just isn’t the case. In fact, when a flea ends up in all that long hair, they often get swamped by it all and die before they can reproduce. Short-haired dogs, like pugs, are much more suitable for fleas. So, you will need to remember that you should regularly use a flea treatment like Bravecto for dogs on your Pug. That way, its fur will remain clean and free from any fleas!


Sweet Pug Pup


Good With Other Pets


Do you already have another pet living with you at home? If you do have, then you will need to find a breed of dog that won’t have any problems adjusting to life with another animal. And pugs are great at this. They are very placid around other animals and socialize well, even with cats! Not only that, though, but they are also very good with strange humans too. So, you don’t have to worry about inviting any friends and family round to your home when you have a pug!


Difficult To Train


Even though pugs are very well-behaved, they can be quite slow to train. So don’t expect your pooch to sit on command for a while! And that also means that they can be quite hard to housetrain. Because of this, most pug owners invest in a litter tray for the first few months. But, with a lot of hard work and dedication, most pugs will learn that they need to do their business outside!


Sure, pugs are super cute, but you also need to consider the above factors when you are deciding which dog to buy. I’m sure you’ll make the right choice!

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  1. Great tips on getting a Pug.