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Everyone loves receiving gifts. Sure, there are varying degrees of this, but don’t believe anyone that says they don’t like receiving a little something-something; it is that feeling of being handed a present, totally confused by what it could be, the neat wrapping paper obscuring everything but the shape of the packaging it comes in. What is not to love about that feeling?


In fact, there is only one feeling that totally trumps this and that is watching a person’s face as you hand them a gift; watching their tongue poke out as they to get through the wrapping, their mouth falling agape unwittingly as their eyes light up. Yeah, being a great gift giver is the best. Period.


Unfortunately, though, not all gift givers were born equal. What we mean is, some people are absolute goddesses when it comes to picking the perfect present, while others tend to miss the mark more often than not. If you fall into the latter camp, then this blog is for you because our mission is to make you into a better gift giver.


Trust us, after you’ve finished this article, printed it out, highlighted the sub-headings and pinned it to your fridge with a magnet you can rest assured that your gifts will not show up on eBay or get returned.


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Perfect The Art Of Planning

The first step to absolutely nailing your present abilities is to write down the name of every single person you need to buy presents for. Spouse, kids, siblings, friends, nieces, cousins – that sort of thing. Then make a note of all the dates that could warrant a present. You know, things like birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, anniversaries and any other days of celebration that could be hitting your calendar this year, such as anniversaries or housewarming occasions. Once you have done this, it is time to set aside an hour and then set some alerts on your phone. Obviously, don’t set these alarms for the day. After all, the more time you have to start the gift hunt the less stressed you’ll be and the better the present you’ll find.


Listen When People Speak

Don’t worry, we get it. We are so easily distracted. However, this isn’t going to help you on your hunt for clues. So instead of wondering if tomorrow is grocery shopping day and what you are going to pop into your basket, listen to the person that’s speaking. Actively listen and then make a mental note of any clues that may crop up in your conversation. If they mention they love horses, then you have a clue right there. It could be that you get them a horse t-shirt, which is easily done; just shop our store now. It could even be that you buy them a couple of lessons. Or if you are feeling really generous, buy them a pony. If you are having a chinwag and a friend says something like, “oh, I would love to go and see that new Broadway show, it looks right up my street,” then, well, get them some tickets. They are going to love this present and you know it, which means you are going to be the best gift giver, and you hardly had to work for it either.


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Be A Little Sneaky-Sneaky

So you have a friend’s birthday coming up and you have absolutely zero idea what to get them; a fairly common situation we are sure. This is where you may have to get a little sneaky with your methods and a great way to do that is to head out to dinner with them, making sure that you wander down a few of the more popular streets and stores and you head toward the restaurant. Fingers crossed they will point out a few things they like or there will be a couple of items they comment on. Boom. There you have it, and all you have to do is head back in a few days and make the purchase. How easy is that?


Never Underestimate The Power Of Asking

This can be split into two camps. The first is the direct option, in which you just ask the person what they want, or a person that is close to them what they may like. Let’s say you’ve been invited to your cousin’s new girlfriend’s birthday party and this is the first time you will meet them. Ask your cousin for some advice. Sure, this may break all the gift giving etiquette that traditionalists hold onto, but who cares. An awesome gift is way better than worrying about etiquette. The other option available to you is this: ask the internet. This may sound mental, but why not see what society is loving by hitting up the best seller and most wished for pages on Amazon. What better way is there to get inspiration and a little splash of social proof? That was rhetorical.


Become A Super-Spy

There is nothing wrong with becoming a spy and snooping around if you are doing it with good intentions, and there is no better intention than giving a great gift. What’s more, this is easier to do than ever before. Either you can go down the social media route and look out for anything that may suggest they have a little soft spot for something or you go deep undercover and keep your eyes open next time you are at their house. It could be that they have a little thing for bunny rabbits, brass candelabras, coffee table books, retro cameras or throw cushions. Going undercover may seem super intrusion, but the intentions are fantastic, which is exactly what you need to realign your moral compass and enjoy your chance to sleuth.


Hopefully, this has helped you understand how you can better look for clues and make your next set of gifts the most celebrated of all. As a little pointer, try not to overthink things on the gift front. You don’t need to buy something that they are going to cherish forever and you don’t need to get them something that is super personal. Just get something that they will enjoy, whether that be a material object or an experience. The choice is yours.

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