Falling Into Fashion: Transitioning From Summer Into Autumn

Fall Fashion

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Sadly, summertime has long gone and we are well in autumn. Even in the south of America, the weather turns and the cold can bite. Okay, it isn’t quite what our cousins in the UK have to deal with but it’s not as warm as June or July! Apart from the changing the conditions, there are fashion faux pas to deal with. Because it’s hot for the majority of the year, your wardrobe may be full of summer items. When the autumn arrives, however, the summery pieces are not suitable. Sorry, but a skirt and tennis shoes won’t cut it if another storm strikes.


The key is to transition from one month to the next without being drastic. As it happens, what you need is a touch of know-how to get all autumnal. Here are a few things to keep in mind.


Don’t Throw Anything Away… Yet


So, it’s time to open the wardrobe doors and throw away anything which doesn’t have long sleeves or pant legs right? No, that is the biggest mistake a person can make because specific pieces are wearable in the fall. It never seems like cool and breezy sundresses will be suitable, but they are very flexible. For example, with a chunky, stylish jacket, the look will be as warm as it is trendy. The good news is that sundresses are just the beginning because everything from skirts to t-shirts is multifunctional. Therefore, don’t throw any piece of clothing in the garbage until you have thought it through logically.


Layer Up


The reason summer clothes are flexible is due to the “layering” technique. As the name suggests, you just wear more items at one time. It’s simple when you think about it yet very useful also. Take the skirt or denim shorts which seem like they would encourage the onset of hypothermia. What is your next move? Well, you can pair them with a set of leggings to keep the bottom half cool and fashionable at the same time. Or, you can wear summer shorts with an overgrown coat, such as a parka. Because parkas are long, they stretch down to the legs providing adequate cover. Plus, you’ll find that the bottom half isn’t as cold when the top half is toasty warm.


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Utilize T-Shirts


A t-shirt is the ultimate piece of clothing because it transcends the seasons. In the summer, it’s a common thing to wear one with shorts or a skirt. Not only is it trendy, but it helps keep a person cool when the mercury rises. Autumn is no different but the idea is in reverse. A t-shirt is perfectly acceptable as long as it’s with a pair of jeans and an open cardigan or jacket. The first look which springs to mind is a woman in skinny black jeans with a white T and a leather jacket. Now, the style is by no means a summertime trend, but summer elements help top off the autumnal appearance. The great thing about summer T’s is the fact that most of them are light in color. Thanks to the darkness of leather and denim, the contrast will offset the style beautifully.


Fall Fashion

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Check The Weather


The amount of sunlight in a day is nearly two times less in the fall and winter than summer. But, don’t let the dark evenings and nights pull the wool over your eyes. Yes, the sun goes down earlier, but it still shines throughout the day. In fact, the sun is as bright as ever even when the temps are low. There is no doubt that you still have to wrap up, but it is possible to re-wear certain clothes. Do you have any light colored items? If the answer is yes, don’t be afraid to take from the wardrobe and give them a test drive. Sky blue jeans are a perfect example of light colors looking fantastic in the autumn sunshine. Due to the brightness, it isn’t hard to pull off summer colors even when the summertime is long gone. And, denim is tight so the jeans won’t let in the cold.


Keep The Boots


Women don’t only wear flats and sandals in the summer. Ankle boots are everywhere, especially with summer dresses and ruffle skirts. Of course, they are the perfect match for autumnal wear too. With a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, boots offset the style with ease and grace. So, whatever you do, keep the boots in a rotation until you find a better alternative!


As you can see, the trick is to be frugal and get creative.

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  1. I think the key to transitioning from summer to fall is to layer. Long sleeve shirts can easily be layers under things to provide warmth and a good pair of jeans with a layered tops is super easy.

  2. I layer all year round. In central NY we go from snow to 70 in one day so it’s a necessity. I tend to wear the same dresses all year round and add leggings, sweater and boots as it gets colder

  3. Katie Bellamy says:

    Putting on those jeans and finding out you gained a few pounds in your Summer shorts. Fall Fail! So. Me.