Family Vacations With A Twist

Having children is a huge adventure, but trying to get away with children is an adventure that usually turns into stress. Stress like that is something that no parent wants to have to cope with, but family vacations are an important part of childhood. Everyone remembers their first real vacation with their family. If you think as far back as you can to early childhood, you’re bound to have memories that surround going to holiday resorts or your first flight. It’s different if you were under 5, but you’ll still think of a memory that’s a ‘first’ for you and it’s quite likely you’d remember it fondly. Being away and together in a new place is exciting for a child, and it is exciting for parents to get the kids out of their comfort zones and stuck into somewhere new!

When you have children of different ages, it can be far harder to arrange a break. The toddler comes with energy, so you need somewhere they can burn it all off. The teenager is too cool for anything ‘resort’ like unless it involves a pool and a club. And Mom? She just wants to be able to spend at least five minutes a day on a beach and relaxing for a change. It’s a fine art, trying to plan a trip together as a family. Everyone has different needs and tastes, so trying to plan one trip that works for everyone while keeping in budget isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Whether your budget is a big one or a small one, you should keep in mind these family vacation ideas that come with a twist. They are unique, suitable for the whole family and a great way to make memories.

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Norwegian Fjords

Whether you are on a budget or not, you absolutely need to look into taking a family vacation to the Fjords. The long days of the Arctic mean that you have more time to take in the sights and surroundings, alongside the drama that is provided by the Lofoten Islands themselves. You can find amazing outdoor adventures including boat trips for the whole family. The animal lovers among you will love to visit the bird and seal colonies, of which you can find plenty. Breathe in the fresh air of the mountains on long hikes and if you get lucky, you’ll be able to see the Northern Lights in all their glory. Of course, not everyone can get to the Fjords on a family break, but it’s something different for the whole gang!

RV vacations with kids!

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RV Break

No matter where you go, you can put those recently received camping gifts to great use when you hire a RV. You can go wherever you want to go; plot a road trip that takes in the beaches for Mom, the cities for the teenager and a theme park or two for the littlest among you. Camp out under the stars together and make s’mores around a burning fire. Play camping games and have some spooky stories. With the RV, you get to decide whether you want to sleep outside or in, and it’s great as a back-up if the weather is inclement. With camping, you can have the freedom to choose your own adventure. Book a spot to camp, though, especially if you are bringing children. There’s no need to head off into the woods if you can find somewhere safe with onsite facilities to take advantage of.

Farm Vacation Horses Kids

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Ranch Holiday

Taking the family off to a working ranch for a vacation is something totally out of the ordinary for most families. Everyone would love the adventure of learning to horse-ride, see how a real ranch is run and learn to line dance! Sleep in a tepee if you want to have something different to enjoy and you can also find websites like this to book a couple of houses. Good old Southern food can be enjoyed by all, and you can teach the kids some valuable skills. A vacation is a break for the whole family, but you get the chance to learn something, too, which is just as amazing for the kids as it is for you.

Free House Vacation with kids!

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Treehouse Adventure

Children love to climb and clamber, even the coolest of teenagers won’t be left out of this one. You may not have the space for a treehouse in your yard, but that doesn’t mean you can’t travel a little further out to find one. Check out this website for a vacation in the skies that the whole family will love. Zip lines from tree to tree, horseback riding, rafting and craft classes make for a vacation packed with activities. Sign up for hikes and get stuck into nature in a way you have never managed to before. Children need to have an adventure, and this is one of the most unique ways to find it. Making your own fun as a family has never been easier. It’s one of those adventure experiences that children absolutely adore, and parents can love it just as much!

Kids Ski Vacation!

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Skiing Break

A lot of families with young children don’t consider skiing as an option for their family, because the idea of their toddler on skis on a mountain side isn’t something that they’d like to think about! Colorado is the place to be for a ski break that matches the whole family. Nursery slopes for the children, red and black slopes for the grown-ups and if you aren’t a fan of skiing, there’s tubing and sleighing to be enjoyed by all. You can also go up the ski lift for the views and then hike back down the mountain in snow shoes. Exposing the kids to different climates, weathers and the best hot chocolate that can be made in the world is the way forward for a vacation with a difference.

Children are bombarded with homework at school every day. They are under pressure from their peers to dress a certain way, behave a certain way and generally are under strain. It’s a lot. A vacation can bring a child – or a teen – out of their shell and give them the chance to discover interests that they didn’t even know they had. Exposing the family to different cultures and foods is important and while they get a taste of the world around them, you get to watch the discovery on their faces, which is simply priceless. Your children are going to grow up with more wisdom and knowledge simply by being exposed to new places and new people.

Vacations mean quality time that you otherwise find diluted by routine, work and school. There’s so little time to get to know the rest of the family as people and not just as people you happen to live in the same house with. You can kick back, relax and enjoy yourselves as a family and not have to worry about being rushed off to an appointment or working day. Money and budget is always a consideration of course, but with careful consideration, you can manage an epic family break with a twist every year. The experiences are going to be better than any gift you could possibly give your children, and they will benefit as developed people from the experiences you provide for them. Don’t let the chance for a family vacation slip away; find that connection and hang onto it. You won’t regret it at all.


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