Give Back: Ways You Can Help Those Less Fortunate

Charities do excellent work and can help (and even save) the lives of so many. But they’re not government backed so receive no funding, meaning it’s up to kind members of the public to raise money and fund their work. If you want to help charities as well as feel good in the process, here are just a few ideas to consider.


Give Money To Charity

Giving money to charity is an easy, convenient way to help a good cause. It could be putting a few coins in a charity box, or signing up to a direct debit which takes an amount out of your bank each month. A small sum of money isn’t likely to be missed by you, but combined with other incredible people all doing the same you can make a genuine difference. Don’t underestimate the power of your small contributions, they do add up and help tremendously.

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Raise Money For Charity

Even if you don’t have lots of money to be able to give generously to charity, there are ways you can raise some. Get all the details from for fun and exciting ways to raise money for charity, unusual sponsored activities usually do well with people being keen to get involved and put some money in for a good cause.

Donate Items

Another way to help charities as well as to raise money is to donate items to charity shops. These are sold and raise money for all different causes. It’s a great excuse to go through your home and get rid of things you no longer need and use so you can declutter, as well as helping a good cause. Home items, clothes and kids toys which are in good condition can often be donated. You can also donate things like lightly used products to women’s shelters. Another option would be to donate an item to a charity raffle. If a fate or event is being held at your child’s school or in the community,



Even if you have nothing else to give, you can give your time. As a volunteer you can keep all kinds of worthwhile schemes running, it could be anything from feeding animals to handing out food at a soup kitchen to playing guitar to children at the children’s hospital. You don’t need to have any particular skills to volunteer, just some time and compassion to give. If you look online there are sure to be schemes in your local area, see what interests you and spend some time helping out. Not only will it help the organisation but you will feel great too. It looks good on your CV and you might meet some likeminded people.


Whether it’s time, money or both that you have to give- anything you can contribute to charity will be well received. It will help the lives of others and provide numerous benefits for you too.


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