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Santa knows that having lists help to save the holidays! Thanks to my husband I have an amazing program to keep track of the gifts for everyone on our list. I track the wish list ideas, where I might get them, what I might pay. I then track where I got the item, what I actually paid, if I ordered online if it is on the way and when I expect it. I track where I hid it in the house and if I got it wrapped yet. It is all color coded and beautiful! It works so well for gift giving. However pulling off a beautiful and easy holiday for the whole family is in the details and my program doesn’t track all the forgettables! Of course now with this idea, husband can upset the program for me! So what are the Necessary Holiday Forgettables?

You know that you will have company and that means going through all the food more quickly and also the paper products! Being a military family and being the ones that travel, there is nothing like the hosting family running out of Toilet Paper on a day when no stores are open to put damper on the day! Less of an emergency is of course Paper Towels, but that just makes those cleaning up grumpy and when Mommy isn’t happy…. you get the idea!

When people travel, they also tend to pick up and share colds! So having more than normal Kleenex on hand is a must! When I was walking past this isle end in Walmart though, there is NO WAY to miss it and remember to stock up! Not to mention the Holiday Theme of these boxes and the shapes are fantastic and have Christmas whimsy!

Kleenex save for the holidays ibotta

I tossed my holiday paper nessesities in the cart and snapped another photo being happy to not be forgetting them. These are in addition to our normal paper purchases.


I tossed some other things in the cart too because they are on sale with Ibotta. Don’t miss these:

 Save Money on these Holiday Necessities!

Kleenex: $1.50 Offer valid on Kleenex® for any variety, Bundle Pack only. Offer excludes lotion varieties.
Kleenex: $.50 Offer valid on Kleenex® for any variety, single pack only. Offer excludes lotion varieties.
Scott: $1 – Offer valid on Scott® Bath Tissue for any variety, 4 ct. pack or larger (now until 11/29).
Viva: $1 – Offer valid on Viva® Paper Towels for any variety, 6 ct. pack or larger.
Cottonelle: $1 Offer valid on Cottonelle® Toilet Paper for any variety, 6 ct. pack or larger.
 Of course you can get these when you shop in store and on this holiday season + all year round with free 2 day shipping! One of the great things about the free 2 day shipping at Walmart is a lot of these can be bulky and it is so great just to get them delivered. With 5 kids it normally means our cart is over flowing and shopping online really helps! Make your list of necessities for when company is coming and just knock them out by shopping online so you don’t forget when you get to the store. I am famous for getting distracted in stores while shopping! Like Santa, it is easier to double check a list than it is to look at my shopping cart when it is over flowing and be certain I got all I needed to get!

 Hosting for the Holidays Tips

  One of the important things to remember when hosting is that your guests might not know where everything they need is in your home and most of us don’t want to go snooping around. Make sure all the things they will need are obvious for them to find. I love that the Kleenex holiday containers stand out so much and add to the holiday magic with it’s sparkle!
  I am not saying you should leave your Cottenelle Toilet Paper on top of your guest toilet but please, don’t hide it away some place they have to hunt to find at an awkward moment! 
cottenelle ibotta save
You got the good stuff, so they do know you care!
  I so love the tall shapes too for Kleenex containers. They blend right in with your holiday decor when you need them too!
   Lastly, keep the paper towels stocked! We love Viva and their cute holiday designs! It is the little things that make the magic happen and the details matter. The designs on these paper towels make me smile but the thick clean up power in this make me happy! Tough enough for eggnog spills even! This little one by the way, it for sure nice as she cleaned it all up! She actually loves to clean! What a gift is that?

  Wishing you Happy Holidays. May all your necessities be on sale and may you not forget any of them! 

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  1. I am going to find those new Kleenex boxes! I havent seen them anywhere yet. Trust me we go through tons when it is cold season for sure.

  2. Amber Ludwig says:

    Oooh I love these pretty tissue boxes!! How fun and such a great way to add some fabulous decor to all rooms of the house! We have tissue in every corner here lol!!

  3. That’s one less decoration I have to worry about! Thanks for sharing the deals.

  4. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    These are so cute for the holidays. I need to check out Walmart the next time I am there. Thank you so much for sharing