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 *** Thank you to Miacademy for sponsoring my kids with their program so that we can share our honest opinions of it! ***

With 4 homeschooling children in different grades one of the things I love is to use technology to let some kids fly on their own for some subjects so I can help them in areas they struggle and plan lessons on a whim to go with their growing and changing interests. Having an online program for basics really helps add more time for child led learning. In contrast, if you have a solid base curriculum, adding a online curriculum world like miacademy can help add some fun and let them just jump around to the subjects they love most, learning along the way!

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So what is miacademy? I hadn’t heard about it till August. It is an online virtual learning world for kids grade k-8 and of course because this site knows that children are on different levels for different subjects and that is ok, they let you adjust the levels per subject if you want! All basic subjects are covered and added are life skills such as internet safety. They also explore different languages!

The whole site is tied into a bright, beautiful, and fun virtual world map!

Online Learning For Kids Virtual World Map

  What is Miacademy.co?

  • Online learning for kids
  •  Covers All Basic Subjects and then some!
  • A Virtual interactive world.
  • A Safe social environment for children.
  • Learning Through Games
  • Learning through Videos
  • It has a reward System
  • Full customization by Parents with a Parenting account. (added fee)
  • E-mail Updates to keep parents/educators informed of progress.
  • With homeschoolers in mind too!


    Price: $9.95 a Month per child account


There are so many parts to this site and learning program that I feel a single blog review post can’t do it justice, so of course I will be doing more than one review of miacademy with 3 of my kids! So what do they think?

BrotherDragon (before called Mr. Handsome on littlecrunchy.com) is nearly 12 now. He is rather an independent learner with aims to be in the world of bio technology. He has gone through many programs and I half expected this to be too easy for him but he swears this is just what he needs to add to his other hands on curriculum. With homeschooling we are rather blessed to be able to up and change curriculum for the kids when something isn’t working for them. We have explored so many different sites and packages and famous curriculum. Right now, this is one of the fun backbones the kids use near daily.

StormBaby is now 10 and if you follow the blog you know she has some special learning needs. As of late, she is struggling with anything one might call home work. She does though enjoy the miacadmy world and even made it into the “top 50” group with her siblings last month. She is our little adorable forest creature and fierce too. She will do as little as possible in order to get on to hands on play. She rather be outside than anything else these days and who can blame her? When she does settle down for miacademy she specially enjoys making art and running her art business inside this virtual world. I love that she can learn about buying low, creating a product, and selling it for a profit. I also love that the site doesn’t let kids get greedy by charging crazy prices! I feel like the system is a fantastic one!

GrumplePixie (before known as smiliebaby) is 7 years old now. She gets up, does the normal morning self care, and then grabs her Kindle Fire and breakfast and works on her Learning Path in miacademy. She loves it! She often will pick her own learning games and just go and go. She is often in the top 10 kids earning reward gold on the whole site! This is the kind of learning she rather do above all others as of late! She flew through US Geography so quickly! I also had no idea she could read music so well till this program! We need to get her music lessons now!

miacademy reward system review


One of the things I didn’t expect but am thrilled about was how much miacademy helped my kids stay in the habit of lessons while we did another big military move. We are STILL living among towers of brown moving boxes and bins trying to figure out how to fit a big family into a little house. With this learning site we don’t need much room, just the internet and we have been able to cell hotspots to keep the kids on miacadmy.

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We think this site is fantastic and that the educators and inventors on the team that make this site possible have done a wonderful job! We DO recommend the site for kids and parents who love online learning too! My Homeschool kids CHOOSE Miacademy and that is saying something!

Check back next month for another post on the pro’s and con’s of miacademy, and a close up of the parts of the program the kids specially love! We hope to have a myacadmey kids account giveaway too!

miacademy online learning homeschool review


  Do you know a child who might love this online learning game world too?

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  1. The fact that your kids continued their studies while in the middle of a move is pretty impressive and speaks volumes about how much this app held their attention. I am an adult having trouble getting back on schedule after a vacation two months ago.

    • Exactly! I love that I don’t have to battle with them about this! There is so much to do here and new friends and even homeschool kids in the neighborhood so the pull to do a million other things is specially strong right now. I am still trying to find my new normal here!

  2. Oh my daughter would love this! I need to look into this!!! Thank you!

  3. I love programs like this when we homeschooled. I’m sure both home and traditional schoolers will enjoy this one!

  4. What a great way to encourage a love of learning!My kids aren’t homeschooled but I’m sure they would enjoy it and benefit from it as well.

  5. My little guy would love this. He is really into playing games on the iPad these days!

  6. Growing up as an Air Force brat and currently dating an AF officer, I definitely know the struggle of the military lifestyle, so tools and websites like this are so vital! It’s amazing that your children are all different ages but have found a mutual love for this learning website. I wish something like this was available to me when I was younger.

  7. I am a great believer in education, and think learning could and should be fun. This sounds like a good way for children to play a game without even realizing they’re building skills.

  8. I have a nephew that can definitely enjoy this sort of game, and how wonderful that is so affordable! I think all kids are naturally drawn to learn, they just need encouragement!

  9. My son is really struggling to settle at school, and we’re considering going down the home ed route instead. It’s great to know there are educational games like this to help us with our learning journey. I think he’d love to play!!

    Louise x

  10. This seems great! I would definitely use this for my daughter when she got a little older. I’m sure she would love it. I think learning through play and being interactive is the best way for kids to learn and actually enjoy it!

  11. Amelia Bayless says:

    This looks wonderful! I was home schooled as a kid and would definitely have enjoyed something personal and interactive like this.