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Few things get as many compliments when it comes to come decor as a beautifully done mural wall or huge stunning canvas. Not only is their size impressive, but they tend to pull you in and you can’t help but admire them. They can change the mood of a space and thus your mood very quickly! As such, we have a few huge canvases that we love! When given the change to review anything on it took weeks to pick just the right thing as we love so many things on their site. I badly want to try their mural wall paper but alas, we just moved yet again, the 15th military move in the last 19 years. Canvas works best for us at this point. Given the space we have in this 100 year old house, we had to get creative!

photowall review


We choose to do something a bit different with our canvas…. you see like many lizard owners, the back of the tank can be a pain to decorate given the wires and the unsightly top of common pet tanks with the lights. Our lizard Cass deserved something beautiful too. When we first got this bearded dragon the kids put in large toy dinosaurs to keep the new pet company. This works well and the beardie loves climbing on them. So now Dinosaur is the tank theme. So too would be the background. has so many themes to choose from, finally we settled on one! You can buy just the flat canvas, or add the canvas frame that you wrap the canvas around. Buy the frame! I am so glad we did!


We ordered, and in 3 days DHL delivered us a long thin box, (Free 2-3 Day Shipping on US orders!) all the way from Sweden. I have to say, every experience I have ever had with a Swedish company has been fantastic, this one was too!

What I didn’t expect though was that putting together this large canvas would be so easy. No tools! I kid you not! It all went together super quick and it was fun. I felt like a child on Christmas morning with this box. I took photos and husband put it together so I could get the photos. How lucky am I? 19 years of being a team together. We had put metal frames together for other large canvases and honestly we messed those up in the past, we expected this to be a pain to figure out but it wasn’t. It is really simple! I am so happy about this and near jumping up and down over how awesome it goes together and the final results. We need to find places in this little old house for more canvases from this company! Maybe we will replace some of the older ones we have actually.

On to the photos to explain better than I can for our more visual readers:


Photowall Review Canvas Frame Building Easy big long box

Everything arrived in a very secure, very long, box!

Photowall Review Canvas Frame Building Easy

You roll out the canvas face down to work on building the frame on the back!

Photowall Review Canvas Frame Building Easy

Placed all the wood correctly just to see how it all lined up.

Photowall Review Canvas Frame Building Easy sticky wood

You peel off the sticker from the wood and press it to the edge of the canvas and pull the canvas tab up on the corners. Simple to do. Though it would be easier on a hard surface than a rug, it still worked out beautifully!

Photowall Review Canvas Frame Building Easy

Photowall Review Canvas Frame Building Easy

Photowall Review Canvas Frame Building Easy

To make sure even the ends are tucked and perfect there is sticky tape, really easy to pull up, at the ends of the wood. Comes together beautifully.

Photowall Review Canvas Frame Building Easy

So once all the sides are stuck you fold them inward.

Photowall Review Canvas Frame Building Easy hardware

The metal bracket fits in the corners for stability and as the holes are already pre-drilled with it arrives, the plastic screw pieces just twist right in. No tools needed!

Little canvas frame building child helper!

Some of our little ones came in just in time to help turn the screw pieces in place. Super easy!

Photowall Review Canvas so beautiful home decor dinos

And places where we envisioned it, at the custom made size!

Photowall Review Canvas Photowall Review Canvas behind bearded dragon tank

Bearded dragon tank setup

There are thousands of prints and ideas to help your house feel more like a home and give easy area a personality you will love on and they customize things too so you can get a huge family portrait if you like too with really quick shipping. I love this company and think you will too!


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  1. I saw a lot of neat pictures on their website. A very cool idea to sprucing up some walls.

  2. Gail Williams says:

    I would never have thought that this would be easy to put together. Thanks for the step by step instructions and I will give it a try for a canvas for my husband’s man cave!

  3. There are so many awesome choices! My son loves the dino choices but he’s also a shark fan!! My teenager is all about horses and cute little quotes for her wall!!

  4. Oh my goodness, how stinking cute is that! I love that you added pictures- that helps so much. If it weren’t for them I would be like uh oh- am I capable of doing that? Lol, looks great. Definitely going to check out other prints!

  5. I have never seen anything like this before. It is really impressive because of how easy it is to create beautiful wall art.

  6. I had no idea it was that simple to make such a stunning decor item. They have so many beautiful prints to pick from and I love that you can upload your own image. And just in time for holiday gift giving, thank you for sharing!

  7. Amber Ludwig says:

    Love this idea!!! It really can change the decor and make any room look totally put together!!

  8. This is a nice way to pick out the prints you want. It is amazing hw easy it looks to get together, no stretching or anything. I like where you put yours it works well.