The Things Kids Really Want


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As your child grows up, the demands they have grow and grow, even though they’re meant to become more independant. As they go through school they’ll be influenced by different friends to want different things, this can then lead up to a nightmare for you. All you’ll ever want for your kids is that they have everything they want in life, so start making steps so that they can. No child should be spoon fed everything, but a little treat here and there to make them the coolest kid in school doesn’t go amiss. Read on to find out what you can do.


The Coolest Bedroom


As soon as your kids reach school age and they begin to make friends, you’ll have to deal with the nightmare that can be sleepovers. With sleepovers comes the need to have the coolest bedroom in school. Don’t keep the same design they’ve had ever since moving into the room, give them something to show off. If they’re crazy about films, then go down this route. Decorate their room in the theme of their favorite film, or combine a couple of different ones. There are so many great film based wallpapers out there that your kids will love. Alternatively, you could cover the walls with posters of the films they love the most! Check out these examples of the most iconic movie posters of all time. Try and keep everything movie themed if that’s what you’re going for. Or if they like sports, just follow the same idea as the movie, but switch everything to their favourite sport. As a kid, nothing seems cooler than a bunk bed, if money allows you should definitely consider purchasing one. It’ll make sleepovers a lot easier too!


The Coolest Toys


This is a big one. Every kid needs the coolest toys. As soon as they see one on a TV advert, it becomes the biggest thing they need in their life. But why shouldn’t you splash a little cash and get them the toys they want? Playing with toys is the best way for children to use their imagination. Right from a young age they love to play and it really is something you need to encourage. Plus, having the newest coolest toys is something worth bragging about on the playground. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to warrant the purchasing of a new toy, if you child see’s something they want and it’s pretty affordable, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy it. You’ll obviously need to know when to say no as there’s a fine line between feeding a child’s imagination and spoiling them. Maybe a treat once a month will be enough to keep them happy. But beware, kids do get bored of things easily, especially when something new grabs their attention.


That’s just two things all kids really want in life. Through being a parent you’ll know there’s so much more they’ll want and ask for as they move through the ages.

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  1. My son has always been pretty good about not asking for much. This year, however, he is asking for a laptop to take to college with him. That said I wish he was asking for the latest in Legos not planning college.

  2. Deborah Cochran says:

    I love when kids express their likes especially within reason. My kids never asked for much growing up which can be tough with peer pressure but I encouraged them to express themselves within limits.

  3. ellen beck says:

    Kids ask for many things… one of the things I tried teaching my daughter was the difference between a wnt and a need. Wants can be fleeting. The latest toy fades in a month. They sometimes ask for many things but mostly only want and remember your time.