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It is that fantastic time of year where we try to sum up how we feel and stuff it in some wrapping paper for those we love. This can be hard as so many people seem to have everything they want, or what they want can not be wrapped. I love finding ways to help others be great gifters and make this time of year go smoothly. I think this gift is one of the best for the people who seemingly have everything. It is a piece of decor that is a statement piece, modern, and the art is all about the person you are buying for!

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Light Box Arts has hundreds of unique designs to choose from or you can personalize your very own piece of art to fit in a LED backlit cube. They are beautiful alone, and stunning when near one another or stacked! This is such an easy way to remind someone special that you know them so well by picking an art print for the cube that represents them, their hopes or dreams, or their best memories! You could take their favorite Instagram photo and have it customized for a Light Box Arts cube even! Perfect gift for her, even if you think she has everything! Perfect gift for him who is normally impossible to shop for! Perfect for the kids who are growing up, have all the toys, or are beyond toys now!

This is the box I picked to review as it was one of the first I saw and instantly fell in love with!

Light Box Arts

Each box is 6 x 6 with a base cost of just $20. The inserts that you can buy and change out, or gift a few of so your loved one can pick their mood are just $12 each. You can pick the color of your box and add Art for a price of $25 you can even design your own for that price!

Light Box Arts Box Back Batteries

The LED background light is run on batteries so no ugly wires to deal with! Just 2 AAA and they have lasted so long now I can’t even guess how long they will hold up on one set of batteries. We keep this on all the time. As you can see there is a hanging hook if you would like to put the box on the wall.

Light Box Arts Gift for Travel Lover

You can find so much beautiful art that make beautiful gifts at lightboxarts.com

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