Becoming A Less Wasteful Momma Bear

If you’re on the journal of becoming a more mindful and green person, you look for changes you can make to every aspect of your life. But that mindset of environmental and financial frugality come into conflict with the reality of having a child. You want to make sure they have everything they need, but you don’t want to waste too much. So, how do you live a wasteless life while being the best possible momma bear you can be?

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Stop buying new

Clothes are a serious issue for new mothers and it seems like your child never quite has enough of them or grows out of them too soon. Not only is a lot more environmentally friendly, but it’s also a lot cheaper to be open to the idea of used baby clothes. There are shops specifically offering these that ensure all clothes are well treated and in good condition before you start wrapping your baby up in them.

Avoiding the disposables

Are you using too many disposable items in the care of your child? The answer is probably a yes. For instance, your baby is going to make a lot of mess. Instead of constantly throwing away wipes, you can instead use reusable microfiber cloths with warm soapy water to much the same effect. There are also reusable and washable nappies, but it’s understandable that a lot of women aren’t quite comfortable with using these.

Giving the baby the best

There are plenty of things we want to provide our child with that have natural alternatives. Not only are natural products better for the environment, they’re less likely to contain artificial chemicals that could end up impacting the health of your child. Browse the collection of natural toys available. Use wooden spoons instead of plastic ones. Look for zero-waste skincare products for your child.

Know what you don’t need

On the other hand, there might quite a lot of things we want to give our baby that we should really think twice about. Becoming a less wasteful person means thinking thoroughly about everything you are tempted to buy. With babies, some of the products that might be worth avoiding include a changing table, a bassinet, or a high chair. You can easily do the job that these specific items do with other options, so in the end, they can be quite wasteful.

Pass the lessons on

There’s a lot you can do to reduce waste right now in the moment while you’re caring for a small child. But the best approach you can take is the long-term approach. Teach your child to not be wasteful, to care for their environment, and to make better use of whatever they can. That’s how we’re going to win the fight for our natural world in the long-run.

There might very well be some resources you can’t avoid using, like hand sanitizer and disposable nappies for some. But whatever changes you can make are a success and the influence you can have in the long-run is a real victory.

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