Holiday Cheer this easy! – Star Shower Slideshow – Review

In an age where neighbors are often strangers and our sense of community grows ever smaller there are still some traditions that make our sense of community stronger. One of them is Halloween I think, and another is the tradition of putting out Holiday Lights outside the home for everyone around to enjoy!

For years we have done a few inflatables and strung Christmas lights up. It is hard to go full out as we move so often and getting the right set up that works with all the homes we move to is difficult. As we moved just a big a go, and we have gotten sick a few times since then, and we still are not unpacked, getting lights up outside hasn’t yet happened the way it normally does. The kids however are thrilled because for the first time, they have the “cool” house as we got to review the Star Shower Slideshow projector! It went up so fast and has a “wow” impact as the slideshow moves across the house.

Easy Holiday Lights for the House

It is really simple, pick one of the 12 slides you want to use, the one we currently are using is the moving snowflakes, and then attach the cord from the unit to an extention cord that is spaces a ways from your home that is unobstructed by trees and bushes. As we have a road on both sides of the house we are in now we placed this light show on the darker side. That though gave us not as far a distance from the house as we would have gotten otherwise. So for us, the snowflakes do not cover the whole side of the house, but are sharp and beautiful as the move across most of it! It is a site to see!

It really is that easy. No dangerous dangling precariously from ladders and rooftops. No hours or work only to find a few dead bulbs that now will take even longer to fix. Just pick a slide, attach to an extension cord, point it at the house and place the staked bottom into the ground! Good to go. The further back you place the projector, the larger the images and more of the house is covered.

slideshow lights unit

One of the wonderful things about this one is that it is super easy and quick to change out the slides and there are 6 Christmas ones and 2 Halloween and 4 Celebration ones. This has the kids specially excited to change out the slides for other holidays!

This is how ours looks, about 15 feet from this 4 bedroom historic brick home. (note the ac/heat unit on the upstairs windows because goodness old homes have temp issues! Can nothing be simple with old homes these days? LOL At least these lights are simple!)

Star Shower Slideshow light projector holidays

I know the photo has a bit of blur to it but I swear these snowflakes are sharp and clear in person. They just happen to be moving and my cell phone camera doesn’t much love trying to capture that in the near dark!

This slideshow is impressive and beloved!

Bonus: My 5 little minions are forever leaving lights on. While the light bulbs in the house are the most eco-friendly we can get, this is still a waist. This projector though helps remind them to shut the lights in the house off so other kids can enjoy the snowflakes on the house. As this slideshow is an LED, I think this helps us save energy and thus lower our electric bill! It will be a month before I know for sure though and will update then! I am sure we will be using the Heart slide for February too and so it would be great to know if ongoing use can really help the kids remember to keep lights out when ever possible!

These are in stock and available and the shipping is fast on they also have a discount code on their site that pops up for first time buyers!



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  1. ellen beck says:

    This is pretty nifty! I hate stringing lights it really is a hassle. Here you either end up doing it in October and hoping it doesnt short out n the rain or like this year you wonder when they snow will come.

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