The New Mom Concerns That Will Make You Feel Guilty (But Absolutely Shouldn’t)

Whether you were actively trying to conceive or not, discovering you’re pregnant is one of the most magical moments of your life. Once the initial shock passes, though, the excitement is sure to be coupled with a sense of fear. The vast majority are solely about your future son or daughter’s well-being. Still, it’s only natural that you will have a number of self-centered worries too. This can leave you feeling a little guilty, but it really shouldn’t!


After all, a healthy and happy mom is a better mom. So, it’s in everyone’s best interests that you learn to pay focus to your needs and demands too. Here are 10 of the most common concerns that you’re likely to have, along with the easy solutions.

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#10. Will My Family Accept The Situation?


This is usually a concern that’s most likely when you are a young woman or haven’t been in a relationship for long. Nevertheless, the thought of parents showing their displeasure or even disowning you can be a very real source of fear. Now that you’re an expectant parent, you have some idea of how much love a parent feels for a child. As such, the chances are that they’ll get over the initial shock and become supportive.


If they don’t, the harsh reality is that baby and you come first. If dad is still in the picture, that’s clearly a positive thing. Ultimately, though, every mom needs to do what is right for her. Because, essentially, that is what is right for baby too. If other people aren’t supportive, they’re the ones who’ll miss out.


#9. What If My Waters Break In Public?


Being pregnant is a wonderful time, and you’ll take great pride showing off your little bump. Nonetheless, the thought of your water breaking in public is one that would fill you with embarrassment. This is a completely self-centered concern but is a completely understandable one. In reality, though, it shouldn’t make you get red. Waters breaking is a natural moment that signals the start of something special. If people are grossed out, then that’s their bag.


That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for that eventuality. If the due date is near, you should try to carry the essential items where possible. Once this moment arrives, though, you’ll be in too much of a rush to care about any perceived embarrassment. For this reason, you shouldn’t even worry.   

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#8. Will I Ever Get A Good Night’s Sleep Again?


Let’s face it; sleep is blooming wonderful. If you don’t appreciate that now, you certainly will once baby arrives. The harsh reality is that you probably won’t get many good nights for the next few years. Don’t worry, though, the sacrifice is worthwhile. Besides, you’ll almost certainly find a way around it.


Getting used to the idea of building your schedule around baby’s can be tough. However, the main thing is to keep yourself prepared. Baby’s feeding time needn’t disrupt your sleep massively, especially when you have the feeding accessories. Keeping those moments limited to a few minutes rather than a few hours brings benefits for your child, but mostly those rewards are for you. Still, an energetic mom will achieve more in the waking hours, so that slither of self-focus is key.


#7. Is My Social Life Over?


Becoming a parent will put an end to the epic party days, but that doesn’t mean you cannot still have a night out on the town. Even so, the fear of missing out on friends and entertainment is a concern. Frankly, if you lose contact with those people, you weren’t as close as you thought you were in the first place. There are plenty of ways to stay connected and have fun in family-friendly places. Or you can always host a small gathering at your home.


Ultimately, you’ll find that parenting changes your outlook on going out. Priorities change, and you’ll find that family time is the best time. Besides, you will meet lots of other parents in similar situations regardless of your age or background. This will give your child new playmates too.


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#6. Will I Be Forced To Move My Pet?


If you’re a pet owner, the thought of giving up your furry friend is enough to make you shiver. The good news is that most cats and dogs naturally boast those caring tendencies during and after pregnancy. As long as they are introduced in the right manner, baby and pet will become best buds for life. Therefore, there’s a good chance that you’re worrying about nothing.


Of course, there is a chance that baby will be allergic or that the pair won’t get on. If one has to go, it will sadly be the pet. Support is available as you look to find it a loving home. In most situations, though, it is possible to have it all. Your big happy family awaits.


#5. What If Pregnancy Ruins My Figure?


The nine months of pregnancy will take its toll on your body, and there’s no escaping this fact. You are likely to gain a little baby weight. Moreover, the fact you won’t be able to exercise as vigorously as you’d like for some weeks after childbirth will make it difficult to get back to the old you. In truth, though, those body changes are physical reminders of your greatest achievement. They are nothing to be ashamed of by any means.


Nonetheless, that won’t come as much of a comfort at this time. But while you can’t stop all changes, there are products for stretch marks prevention. By reducing the impact of those pregnancy problems, maintaining your sense of self-confidence will be far easier. After birth, you can also ease your way back into exercise with baby yoga and similar activities. Seriously, though, you’ll look fine just the way you are.


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#4. And What About My Face?


If worrying about your body size wasn’t bad enough, there’s also the threat of facial changes. It may sound like an old wives’ tale, but nose swelling is a genuine symptom of pregnancy. This is due to heightened estrogen levels as well as general weight gain.


In truth, nose swelling and other facial issues are likely to reverse in the early post-pregnancy months. Being a mom defines you, but there’s still a need to look and feel your best in life. Those fears regarding your appearance are perfectly natural. If all else fails, there are ways to correct those blemishes with cosmetic procedures and beauty products. You deserve to look your best, and being a mom doesn’t change that. Even if you require a little extra support, you can make it happen.


#3. What If I Hate Breastfeeding?


As a mother, your child will depend on you virtually everything. Most women get used to the majority of those tasks, including dirty diapers, quite quickly. However, breastfeeding is one that can pose a far greater problem. Frankly, it’s normal for expectant and new moms to worry about arguably the most sensitive parts of their body.


There’s no point in sugarcoating it: breastfeeding can be uncomfortable and painful. Moreover, not all babies find it easy to take to their moms. Thankfully, there are ways to make it easier on both mother and baby. Once you get into the swing of it, it can become one of the most enjoyable parts of forming that early bond with your child. Alternatively, if you still can’t get on with it, there are alternative feeding methods out there. Not being able to do it doesn’t make you a bad mom.


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#2. Will Motherhood Ruin My Career?


From the moment you fall pregnant, being a mom is job number one. Nonetheless, it’s very natural for modern women to have ambitions of a long and successful career. The thought of trying to fit it around motherhood can be quite scary. Even with maternity leave taken into account, the long-term insecurities are a major concern. As long as you maintain that drive and commitment, though, parenting won’t stop you continuing to achieve great things.


With the help of modern technology, a lot of careers can be quite versatile and even offer the chance to work from home. Alternatively, you could look to start a business of your own. Career success takes many forms, and you shouldn’t feel bad about seeking it. After all, the rewards will create a better life for the whole family.


#1. How Will I Cope If My Baby Is Disabled?


The thought of having a baby with physical or mental disabilities naturally scares all expectant parents. First and foremost, those worries are focused towards the needs of the child. However, there is certainly a hint of self-centered worry in there too. Do not feel guilty, because those conditions do make parenting harder while also making life a little tougher for baby. Studies show that the rate of disabilities is quite a lot lower than most people presume. So, there’s a good chance you won’t need to worry unless you’ve been told otherwise.


Besides, medical science and social understanding continue to grow. Even if your child is born with a condition, there’s a strong chance that it can be managed with greater success than in previous generations. Moreover, support and temporary respites are available for parents.


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  1. Amber Ludwig says:

    Oh man!! Yes to all of these and more!! The funny thing is though that all these worries seem to dissipate once your kiddo is born and you get into the groove of things!!

  2. When I was pregnant, I focused on staying healthy so that my child would be healthy. I think most of what you discussed is pretty normal. I found that talking about it with my family and friends was helpful.

  3. ellen beck says:

    The best advice I ever got during those sleepless times where ‘sleep when the baby is asleep’ in the day. This was before blogs, the internet etc. You have tons of great advice and everyone wonders if they are doing it right.

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