5 Adorable Dog Breed Mixes

There are so many gorgeous dog breeds out there, it’s such a shame that we’ll likely never get the chance to own them all. If you’re a dog lover, one of the most gratifying things is to see the enormous diversity in appearance, skill set and temperament among our canine companions. Despite the enormous diversity of breeds out there, many breeders have taken to combining breeds both to combine the properties of different breeds and deepen the gene pool to help prevent the inherent health problems that come with too much selective breeding. The upside for dog lovers is that it has provided us with yet more gorgeous canines to coo over. If you’re in the market for a new family dog or are thinking of adding a new friend to your merry brood, enjoy this list of the cutest cross breeds…   

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If you’ve dreamed of keeping a Syberian Husky but bemoan the lack of space for them to get the exercise they need, you may want to consider a Horgi which combines the Husky with the more diminutive Corgi to create something that is beautiful and loyal.




Who doesn’t love a labrador retriever? They’re the consummate family dog, as well as being proficient gun dogs. They’re great with kids and make for friendly, loyal and playful family pets with a soft, warm and reassuring look. When combined with a Siberian Husky, however, their appearance can become completely astonishing without compromising the family friendly nature of the lab. Huskies are also working dogs who are gentle in temperament and bred specifically for human cohabitation. As a result, labskies are not only gorgeous and striking in appearance, but loyal and friendly with a delightful disposition.




Like the labrador retriever, the beagle is a popular choice as a family pet, both for its loyal temperament and its cute, non-threatening appearance. They share some common traits with the German Shepherd, including intelligence, a highly developed sense of smell, an inquisitive nature and make not only for great working dogs and fiercely loyal family pets. The beagleman combines the regal nature of the German Shepherd with the softened edges of the Beagle.




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If you’re not too bothered about a working dog and just want a cuddly ball of fluff to keep you company, you could do far worse than a Maltipoo; an adorable combination of poodle and Maltese terrier. These little guys are active and friendly pets prized for their versatility. They’re great for a range of owners, good with kids and the elderly alike and are well suited for apartment living. Their inquisitive and active nature, however, means that they’re less equipped to spend time alone, making them better suited to the retired, students or those who work from home.   




Which is cuter; a miniature Schnauzer or a West Highland White terrier? Impossible to choose, right? That’s why inventive breeders brought us the Wauzer which gives us the best of both worlds. While they have the personality of a terrier (highly active and excitable) they are sweet, affectionate and loving friends not to mention being cute as a button.


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